Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Holiday Patterns from Simplicity for 2018

Simplicity thinks The Puffy Shirt has returned . . . 

To which I say . . . "But I don't wanna be a pirate!"

Other than that interesting design choice, there really are not many new patterns that interest me.  Which, to be honest, does not surprise me.  There were way too many vintage beauties in the last couple of catalogs for the trend to continue.  

Last release, I mentioned the inordinate amount of apron patterns that this company produces.  Well, we have yet another.  Personally, I like to wear my dresses in dress form, however, this is a cute idea.  I am not sure about that model pic, though . . . are you supposed to remove all of your clothes when wearing such an apron?

I was going to look right past this wardrobe pattern, but I have learned that can be a mistake.

Take a look at the line drawing for the dress and skirt.  This is pretty cute!  Love those oversized pockets!!

That is about all that caught my attention, although I do eagerly await the next round of vintage reproductions.  

How to you feel about the new designs?

[Click on image for source]


  1. I've seen that type of apron pattern before -- I think it's supposed to double as a hostess top sort of thing, hence you'd wear it in place of a blouse. Not 100% sure.

  2. I have pattern fatigue. I haven't been truly inspired by anything in the Big 4 new releases for a long time. I do like to look at the line drawings, but that just makes me realize that I have similar designs in my collection already.

  3. The blouse pattern immediately brought to mind the "puffy shirt" that was an episode on the TV show -Seinfeld- It was a "he" shirt instead of a "she" shirt, but looks almost identical!