Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Spring Patterns from Simplicity and Butterick

Ever since hearing that Gertie would be moving her pattern line to Simplicity, I had a sinking feeling that their many fabulous vintage reproduction patterns would be decreasing in number from the current catalogs.  And I fear that my suspicions were well founded as there is a single vintage reissue for Spring.  But boy is it a goodie!  I have seen this pattern illustration on Pinterest many times, and I just love that skirt with those oversized pockets.  Do I need another strapless dress in my life?   Probably not, but that skirt will definitely be added to my project list in the near future!

Okay, so there were two vintage reproductions, but I am not counting this caftan.  Simplicity continues to reproduce these things, so someone must be buying them, but I just don't get why we need twenty of the same basic pattern.  It continues to remain a mystery to me.  But if you are in desperate need to use up five yards of stashed fabric, this is your girl!

As for the Gertie patterns, the blouse is my favorite.  I think that this pattern has a lot of possibilities.  In fact, I am in the process of making up a wearable muslin, and so far, so good.

The other Gertie offering is this dress.  That bodice certainly looks Audrey inspired, and I like the lines, although I am not sure I need another simple sun dress.  

Butterick released a single vintage reproduction this Spring, although it is not from the Retro Butterick line.  Are they phasing that out?  I hope not.  This particular pattern is from the Making History line and includes instructions for the hat that is showcased in the photos.  The polka dots and the pink had my immediate attention, and I do enjoy the neckline.  But if I had to choose favorites, I am going to stick with the skirt on that strapless Simplicity.

Hooray for large brimmed hats.  I have a few hat patterns stashed away, and have made a few up in upholstery weight fabric to these to keep the sun off my face while out walking Tino.  I suspect this pattern is very similar to something I already have stashed away, so I will probably skip this.  But I do hope they continue to release more hat patterns.  Those vintage reproduction ones from Vogue were so fantastic.
Well, the back of this dress is gorgeous.  However, the front of Butterick 6661 is not very flattering.  Is it worth altering the shape?  Probably not.  But I do love that strappy back!  And in stripes?!?  Excellent fabric choice, Butterick designer!

And I am slightly intrigued by this blouse.  Throw in a tie collar and I get interested really fast!  The sleeves in views C&D are lovely, but do I really need another shirt pattern in my life?  I am going to have to think about this one.

What do you think of the Spring collections this year?  Did anything catch your eye?


  1. The strappy back could be Franken-patterned into something very "Laura Mae". Your wearable muslin looks great (you may want to add short darts mid-shoulder on the front, to eat any "blousing in the hollow", if you will.

    The charm of retro is waning for the masses, so as we trudge yet again into the latest version of a world without charm, we look to the vigilant renegades (that's you Laura Mae), to keep the flickering flame of history's candle dripping wax with guile down the neck of a bottle of Chianti.

    Glad for your new post, but you know, you just KNOW I'm a-waitin' for your modeling of "THAT COAT!" (snood not withstanding).

    1. You're dead right about the waning charms of retro styling which is such a shame. The world sure seems to be getting uglier, and devaluing anything beautiful that requires real skill in the process. Thank you for keeping this blog as a little bright spot, Miss Laura Mae!