Wednesday, May 22, 2019

McCalls Patterns for Summer 2019

I blame the thrill of the new.  I have so very many sun dress patterns stashed away, and yet, I must admit that I find a few of the new McCalls Summer Patterns quite tempting.  And I usually prefer Butterick or Vogue.  McCalls 7950 is my favorite in the new catalog, especially the tie front option paired with that button front skirt.  Totally adorable!
I also really love the back of McCalls 7952.  Do I need an open back sun dress?  No, but those criss crossed straps are quite wonderful. 

McCalls 7951 has a similar issue.  I suppose I could add a cardigan during business hours, but that is a very open back.  I do like the long version with the ruffle, although I think that the ruffle might look better a skosh deeper.
While McCalls 7949 screams 1990s to me, I actually like the tie front version.  And by using a different sleeve from another pattern, I might get something I would want to add to my closet.  Yes, this has definitely possibilities.
And while I love the idea of these gathered waist peasant dresses, it is hard to stop thinking about rolls of fat through the midriff.  I can't unseen it, even on model sized bodies.  The possibility of the bodice riding up seems very near impossible to escape, and the likelihood of looking like a stuffed sausage too great.  The idea is cute, just not so much in reality.
The final design that caught my eye is McCalls 7958.  Although, if I had to guess, I probably have at least two other patterns in my stash that could be used to recreate this exact look.  So I will probably skip this one, but it does remind me of a couple of patterns that I wanted to get to last year.  Which I should get to soon.

What do you think?  Are you ready for summer sewing, or is the weather in your neck of the woods being stubbornly chilly and wet like it is in the Bay Area?

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  1. Still in a snood brood (and who-O-whom is the root cause for THAT??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????).

  2. McCalls 7950 looked so familiar I had to look through my stash. I found Simplicity 6408 from 1984, that is very close to the same pattern. (Sometimes hoarding these things comes in handy!)

    I'm starting to think that summer will never come here in the frozen North. Our heat is still coming on and the lilacs are nowhere near to being open, yet. They usually are at the end of school and Memorial Day.