Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring 2019 Patterns from Butterick, Simplicity, and Vogue

Butterick, Simplicity, and Vogue Patterns (all produced by the same company), released their Spring Catalogs within days of each other.  And while nothing has me clamoring for my nearest JoAnn Fabrics to scoop up the latest designs, there are a few that stood out to me.

I am sure it will come as no surprise that the one vintage reproduction from Simplicity is first on my list, even though I will probably never wear a bikini top with a pair of shorts.  But I can see myself altering the top to have a little more midriff coverage, and I will admit that I think the whole outfit it adorable, if not relevant to my wardrobe needs.

Cynthia Rowley has two new patterns released in this catalog.  The bathing suit and coverup is cute, but I have no use for it.  Should I find the need for a swimsuit, you better believe I would choose the retro Simplicity design over something modern!  But this dress looks nice.  There is really nothing special about it, so I have a feeling that the gingham fabric is what has me taking a second look at this one.  I have so many of the Cynthia Rowley designs for Simplicity, but other than the two that I made many, many years ago, I never seem to choose her patterns, so perhaps I should skip this one.

I do love a great shirtdress.  And the color blocked check print is really lovely.  However, this design has no waist seam, and that is just a recipe for disaster on me.  But I do find the print color blocking to be a striking combination!

And look, Vogue had the same idea with their own version of this design.  This one, however, has the same issue for me . . . no waist seam.  Thankfully, I probably have five other shirt dress designs calling my name from the sewing room.
The final Simplicity design that made me take a second look is this blouse.  I love the technical drawing, but it looks less than fantastic on the model.  Also, I never know how to style these things - I think they work best with a pair of pants, which doesn't work with my wardrobe.  I also know from experience that elastic waisted blousey garments do not look very nice on my body shape which means I would probably want to do some major alterations.  But I do love that neckline with the puffed sleeves!

Butterick also has a single vintage reproduction pattern in their new collection.  It's a cute halter dress with a bolero.  This is certainly a familiar silhouette and design, and not the most interesting choice, but I do like the addition of the coverup.  The sleeve cuff and collar look very smart.
At first glance, I was going to pass by Butterick 6679, but once I realized it was made for knits I took a second look.  I may want to add this to my collection because I have very few made-for-knit patterns in my stash, and I like the silhouette of this one.  Will this particular pattern make me want to use the knit fabrics I have languishing in the sewing room?  Perhaps.  I could definitely see the knee length full skirted version in my wardrobe.
While I like the look of this pattern (possibly because it reminds me of a 1960s silhouette, the drafting seems slightly off to me.  I think that the length of the overshirt makes the waist appear bigger than it really is, which makes the dress less flattering than it could be.  Now, is the pattern worth the price if I am going to want to make alterations? Maybe not.  But I do appreciate the vintage flair.
The final Butterick pattern that stood out to me was this blouse.  Yes, I am still looking for my holy grail top that magically goes with everyone and which I can make in every color.  I cannot imagine that this will turn out to be the one, but I find it hard to resist a blouse with a bow.  So, there you go.

There were no new Vintage Vogues released, which is a bummer.  This Nicola Finetti has a very 1950s silhouette, though, and I do like that the curved princess seamlines are unexpected.  But mostly, I think I love that textured fabric!  Does it come in any other colors?
I also find myself drawn to this Tracy Reese pattern.  I love the criss cross shoulder straps, which I think are quite flattering.  I don't love the thigh slit, but that is easily fixed.
And you know how I love an off the shoulder drape!  This silhouette is on the modern side, and I think that the shoulder straps are a bit too far out on the shoulder, but that could be a fit issue with the model.  Then again, can I really see myself making this, or will it get added to the stack of designer Vogue patterns that I never got around to sewing?
What do you think?  Do you have any new favorites that you can't wait to start cutting out?

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  1. :( I'm just saddened by the lack of bunches of new quintessential vintage patterns! Hopefully Simiplicity will get back at it this fall....

  2. The first image that popped into my head when I saw the Simplicity blouse was a woman in a gingham top wearing either slim-cut cigarette pants or capris, flats, and a head scarf - very 1950s casual!

  3. Draft a waist seam, and let your fabric juxtaposing skills shine.

    Textured fabric, even if it all came in white, you of all people could dye it (or better yet, double dye it, to a deeply saturated effect).

    Your pile of patterns, I am hypothesizing, could essentially qualify as insulation for your home. Don't add another "wishful maybe" to the pile.

    And you know, you just KNOW, some of us are still waiting for the modeling shoot in the snood, and we won't take our eyes of the prize.

    Sign me,
    A gentle reader (Miss Manner's is someone I adore and emulate)