Monday, September 16, 2019

Butterick Patterns for Fall 2019

The new Butterick patterns for Fall 2019 were released last week, and you can probably guess my thoughts if you have seen them.  I am disappointed that there are no new vintage reproductions.  It definitely appears that vintage reproductions are no longer popular as far as the Big 4 are concerned.  Of course, I don't care what's in style, and actually prefer things that are at least sixty years out of date, so I really did love having all those "new" vintage designs at my fingertips!  That said, I do like a few of the new designs.  

This Lisette pattern is really lovely.  In theory, I would love to add that two-toned dress to my closet in a different color combination.  But will I actually make it up?  (Provided, of course, I manage to find two fabrics that will work and that I love.) 
The design that I am most likely to add to my collection is Butterick 6713.  I just love that open neckline!  The sleeve on that particular view is not my favorite, but that's an easy change to make.  Do we think a balconette bra would work?  That's an issue for another day . . . but I think that the neckline with the exposed clavicle is incredibly elegant.  I would tuck it into a slim fitting skirt that trumpets out at the hemline and stops at mid-calf.  I definitely have plans for this one (just not in the poly satin on the model)!
Butterick 6704 has another lovely neckline.  Do I need the pattern just for that neckline?  Probably not.  But I do like the purple color on that model!  And those View B sleeves are a nice silhouette, although I am not entirely sold on them with this dress style.
I am trying to think if I have ever made a double breasted bodice but I can't think of a single one off the top of my head.  There is that vintage reproduction double breasted suit that I have been pulling out of the pile every winter but never manage to make it up.  Would I be more likely to make this dress?  I can't say.  But I have decided that I need to make a double breasted design for this Winter season because it is ridiculous that I have never made one!
Do you have any new favorites?

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  1. Great looks. Especially B6713. Would make a great sheath dress.

  2. I am pro-coat dress, and you can rock any frock. Double down on double breasted, sew in waters yet untested.

    Sign me, a blend of poet and cheerleader (it's a phase Laura Mae, I'll be back to myself soon enough)

  3. I was a little disappointed by the lack of vintage offerings this time around, but I do really like the B6704, especially the sleeves. I have always like the drama of the bell with the long cuff.
    The double breasted dress looks really nice. I might be slightly concerned about having that much extra fabric on the bodice without it looking thick, but I guess I'll just have to find out. It looks like they were channeling Kate Middleton with the color and styling.

  4. I'm confused by B6713 as the sketches & line drawings do NOT look like the featured picture. Why do pattern companies do this? For me personally I like the blouse in the line drawings but I would be concerned it would turn out like the picture.

    1. As is the ghost of Gloria Vanderbilt.