Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Finishing the 1960s Jacket

No matter how "simple" the project, there are always a bunch of finishing steps that need to be done.  This is probably one of the reasons why I always underestimate how much time a project will actually take.

Once again, this vintage pattern goes above and beyond most or perhaps any contemporary pattern I have come across.  They suggest reinforcing the sleeve with interfacing.  So, I did.  I have a roll of this bias tailoring canvas stuff that I thought would be perfect for the task.

After some pinning and catch-stitching, and everything was ready to go.

I had some old shoulder pads (actually removed from my eighth grade graduation dress - mid-90s Gunne Sax, anyone?) that were perfect for the job.  They look much better in a jacket than a dress, I must say!

Seam binding was applied to the bottom edge of the jacket as if it were seam tape.  A lining will cover it, but because the upholstery fabric likes to shred at the cut edges, this seemed like a good solution.

And then, of course, I needed a lining.  This rayon satin is much heavier than bemberg and I wish I had purchased a bunch more when it was available at fabric.com some ten years ago.  The problem with ordering online is that by the time I figure out what a treasure any particular item is, it is most likely sold out.

I am hoarding it in a couple of pastel colors, but this jacket deserved most of the ivory yardage that I have left!

The lining was then stitched to the shell by hand.

It's a process that I love!

And the sleeves also needed the same treatment.

Did I mention how much I love hand sewing?!

The final touch, of course, was to add a personalized label to the front facing.

And that means this project is complete!


  1. You are mid-century magician!

    This coat is most certainly stash-worthy of a lining. Will we see you model it in one of those diners with a post and hook between every booth? Or maybe you'll find a corner storefront with a curved glass window, and with the afternoon edition under one elbow, you'll be holding a compact and giving your powder a touch up? Then again, being an ambitious career woman, you may head into the big city and pose near the only vintage office tower without a Starbucks dominating the retail space?

    Do get out and about, and do as you do (it's really the only kindling I can find to build a good rant up - and let's face it, you are more than overdue for the overheard).

    Kind and gentle,

    A loyal reader

  2. There is nothing quite like a 1960s’ coat design, and you have served it well with this exquisite creation. Just lovely! Wear it well and often...

  3. Your garments have so much joy and precision sewn in to them; it's absolute marvel to see! Your hand sewing inspires me!

  4. So beautiful!! I love, love, love hand sewing, too!