Monday, October 26, 2020

Pastel Paisley

I have been meaning to make this skirt pattern for YEARS.  I started with the blouse view about five or six years back, and then finally completed that project a few months ago after I found the bag with the pattern inside (which was what I was looking for).  All the project needed was buttonholes and a hem, so I took care of that.  Thankfully, I had kept the buttons with the folded up project so I didn't have to go searching for them.

And once that was complete, I started on the skirt.  I picked up this bottom weight cotton at a fabric swap a couple of years ago.  The fabric design has grown on me over time, and what I originally thought would make a good wearable muslin of some dress or other, needed to be something I was really going to wear and love (hopefully!).

I have pulled the yardage out a few times when trying to pair fabric with a pattern, but nothing seemed quite right.

And then I started working on this sweater and realized the colors would be perfect together.

I have been getting a bit more brave about machine buttonholes as of late, but I decided to take the time and make bound buttonholes for this project.  I also thought that the lower buttonhole on the waistband would give me grief with the added bulk of the seam paired with this substantial cotton fabric if I tried to make machine buttonholes. 

It was during this project that I ran out of fusible interfacing and finally decided to splurge and get some quality interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply.  And it's definitely better than what I had been using!

I even had enough leftover yardage to make myself a matching top with this fabric (not the design I had originally conceived of in my mind because there wasn't that much extra to work with) which I am pretty pleased with as well.  So that's two tops that match back to my new skirt.  And the blue blouse I made with this pattern also matches the blue in the design, so I guess that makes three!  Which must be some kind of record for me!!


  1. Lovely--what a wonderful skirt pattern!

  2. Lovely skirt and so many ways to style it.

  3. Beautiful skirt - I love paisley. Great match with the sweater.

  4. Preciosa falda, adoro los estampados paisley, son atemporales. BESICOS.

  5. I thought the skirt looked familiar, I have the original pattern from my mother's stash! I keep looking at it and thinking about making it but I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I might have to reconsider, I love how your's turned out and the sweater is adorable! I'd really like to see the blue blouse paired with the skirt too.

  6. LUV the curve of the waistband, and appreciate your candid interfacing confessional.

    Your stash sounds fascinating (always a story), and should be a post unto itself.

    Now back to "crinoline smoosh", if it isn't a taboo topic, could you talk to the trials, tribulations, and time sensitivity of such a garment?

  7. Oh, I see you did answer the "smoosh" inquiry - never you mind me.

    As one of your gentle readers, I am in awe of how you keep up with everything your blog brings your way.

    Full skirts and crinolines are your signature style.