Saturday, December 12, 2020

A Classic in Navy

While I am still playing catch up with posting projects on the blog, I actually have a few to share that are seasonally appropriate, now that Winter has arrived!  And it's a good reminder that I should be pulling this dress out of the closet to wear.   

I took these pictures back in January of this year.  That evening I attended a Marin Symphony concert (and boy, do I miss getting dressed up and going out to events). 

This dress was a bit of an experiment.  I loved my Claire McCardell rose printed cotton version so much, I wanted to see how it might work in a knit.  And this is the result.

The experiment worked pretty well, I think!  Granted, I used a fairly stable rayon ponte, but it still has some stretch to work around.

I swapped out the side zipper for a center back application.  I probably should have done a centered zip, but chose to do a lapped one instead, since they are my favorite.  There is a bit of a bump where the zipper top meets the neckline facing, but most people would probably never notice.

The pockets mean that the side seams are not quite as smooth as they might be, which is definitely due to using a knit fabric that shows every lump and bump, but it's not terrible.  I always feel like I am letting down the sewing community when I remove pockets from garments, but I never use them in a garment like this, so I should probably just do the unpopular thing and not put them in!  Blasphemous, I know, but if they aren't getting any use, why are they there only to create more bulk?!

I do like the way the pleated back of the skirt gets a little more attention in a solid color than a print.

I have a few ideas about making myself a skirt using that portion of this pattern, and I still may do that at some point.

And who knows, if another fabric presents itself, I may just have to make myself another version of the dress . . . the only question is, will it be a print, or a solid?

Dress & Belt:  Made by me, McCalls 4292
Shoes:  American Duchess, "Marilyn" Pumps
Necklace:  Made by me


  1. The dress is pitch perfect, and so were you (the lipstick, the height of the heel, and the hand on hip - you are unrelenting). Though there weren't any of your "at the event" photos" to bring us along. On behalf of everyone here - we very much enjoy seeing what you saw.

    Meanwhile, looking forward to everyone's ability to circulate in public. Your mixing and mingling is sort a glimpse into a adjunct world with culture and refinement intact (tonight is an example: I'm running into a store to get something for my car and I walk into SRO, whilst the "Saturday night blowhard at the auto parts store" is talking all about he and his, and how good they have it - some class to me!)

    Request: next time you do attend a public gathering in your finery, how about a French Twist? Too much to ask? Nervy on my part? Beyond the bounds of blog comments?

    Your less delicate fan

    1. You missed the link after 2nd photo ... hi from Mom😉

  2. I like the pattern and fabric and color of the dress. That pattern is a keeper and so flattering on you.

  3. Here's a vote for more solids -- they really allow one to appreciate the lines of a garment.

  4. El vestido floreado es muy bonito y éste en color liso, aunque sea el mismo modelo parece diferente y como dices la parte trasera de la falda se luce mucho más; a mí tampoco me gustan los bolsillos incorporados en las costuras laterales por el volumen.

  5. It is elegant and sophisticated! Very nice!

  6. The back side lines look fantastic and solids help to show this defenitely.

  7. Ah, and I, as as a sewist myself, don't mind if you skip pockets, when you don't need them. For me it is the other way around. I add them everywhere.
    To make the clothes exactly as YOU want them, is center piece in sewing! Do ya thang!