Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Cropped Topper

In my last post, I shared that this jacket was in pieces in a bag for years before I decided to pull it out and finish the darn thing back in March.

And while it may sound silly, the main reason I chose to jump back into the project was the fact that I thought it would pair nicely with this dress, which I was also working on in March.

It has a whole lot of volume, and there is something funny with the fit of the shoulder (which you can't really test until the whole garment is almost complete because of the order of construction).  But overall, it gives a very 1950s vibe, which works well with a lot of my dresses.

I did have some trouble with the buttonholes at the joining of the yoke to the front bodice because of the bulk from the seam.  I ended up picking the offending buttonhole out twice and decided that I had had enough grief, and the jacket did not really require the two extra buttonholes.

I really don't have many Spring appropriate jackets and/or coats, so this will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe when the weather improves next year.

And, most importantly, the poor project is not in pieces in a bag, shoved in a corner of the sewing room.  I also managed to finish the jacket using fabric and notions that I had on hand, which always makes me want to pat myself on the back.  So this one goes in the win column! 

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 7974
Jacket:  Made by me, McCalls 5593
Shoes:  Nine West


  1. La chaqueta puesta queda muy coqueta y seguro que te a pondrás mucho en primavera. BESICOS.

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