Friday, April 30, 2021

The 1970s Pattern I Had to Try

You know you have too many patterns in your possession when you can't remember where some of them came from.  I know that I did not purchase this particular pattern, so I believe it came from a local pattern swap (remember when we could actually do those?!).

I was intrigued by the shawl collar, and something about the style appealed to me (it may have had more to do with the fact that I wish I had the illustration's hair more than anything else).  

And it just so happened that this fabric had been sitting in a drawer for years.  I pulled it out on a couple of occasions thinking it would make a great blouse, but then the issue of what to pair it with would always stop me.

I had just enough to make the dress view of this pattern, which solved the what to wear on the bottom issue.

And that is the story of how this dress came about.  I actually had more interest in the blouse version, but figured a wearable muslin made of the Swiss Dot that lingered a little too long in a fabric drawer was an excellent idea.  Turns out, I do love that collar!  And having an easy to wear dress in the wardrobe during lockdown was a great idea.  Add to that the fact that this was made entirely of stashed bits and bobs, and I am rather pleased with the outcome.


  1. Un modelo muy práctico con un bonito cuello. BESICOS.

  2. I wouldn't have realized it was 1970s...
    Looks like a perfect lockdown dress

  3. I like this dress, it is a classic style and the collar and raglan sleeve is an interesting variation. Pretty fabric too.

  4. really pretty and look at you with the machine made buttonholes:)

  5. That fabric would have made a perfect jumpsuit or shorts and blouse for the Texas heat we have to endure from May to September. Since I am not working in the business world these days, I am rethinking my plans for some cotton prints that were going to be dresses.

    I think a lot of people have too many patterns. I just donated 4 large black trash bags of mostly new and unused vintage patterns to Goodwill. I still have too many bins full of patterns but I love my patterns and fabric so maybe what matters is that you keep and use the things you love.

  6. And the BUTTONHOLES. That shawl collar is very sweet. That style was a staple, and I sewed and wore a lot of those in the day. So pretty!

  7. You pulled together pattern and fabric with your vision, and suddenly your dress form is cloaked in something far greater than the sum of its parts.

    Your ability to see something, and actually bring it into being, is what sets you apart from the pack.

  8. Ooh, lovely! What model of sewing machine do you have? That's a very neat buttonhole. My machine only makes rather chunky square-corner ones.

    1. It's a vintage buttonhole attachment by Greist, and I love it! You can find a lot of vintage buttonhole attachments, and I think they look/work much better than the modern ones - which is pretty amazing, considering most of them are made for straight stitch machines.