Wednesday, June 2, 2021

1970s Shawl Collars

Well, the sewing motivation has returned, and my intention to get back to blogging finished projects has disappeared.  No matter what I try, I never can seem to do both things on a consistent basis.  And honestly, the actual creating is usually what wins out in the end . . . which is probably how it should be.

But I do want to catch up with some of my projects here on the blog, and seeing as the temperatures are rather high these days, I thought this particular dress would be appropriate to post.  

I am going to have to pull this out of the closet now that I have reminded myself that it is a perfect warm weather garment.

My original intention with this pattern was to make the blouse, however, I had enough fabric to make the dress, so I went for it!

And I am very pleased that I have a dress and not a top with nothing in the closet that matches.  Don't you hate when that happens?!

If I make this pattern again, I will have to remember to take a wedge out of the upper back length.  I always forget to do that with designs that don't have a waist seam and are simply belted to achieve shaping of any kind.  And even though the intent of the dress is to have a bit of drape through the back bodice area, I tend to have too much length which pools oddly if I'm not careful.  It's an odd thing because I alway have to add length to the bodice pieces to have a waist seam sit at my actual waist, but then remove a wedge from the upper back because it's so flat.  Figuring that out took me a few years of sewing my own clothing, but it was a game changer for fit.

It certainly doesn't make the dress unwearable, but I think I would enjoy wearing it more if I had remembered to do that adjustment.  That, and I should also remember that I definitely prefer to have an actual waist seam.  So why do I keep making designs without?  I really haven't got a clue.  In this case, I blame the collar.  I do love a good shawl collar!

The question is, will I make a blouse version - and I haven't decided one way or the other quite yet.  If the right fabric came along, or I happen to find it stashed away, I may have to revisit this pattern (and remember to make that simple adjustment!).

And yes, no need to adjust your monitors, I am wearing flats.  It has been happening a bit more than normal since things shut down for the plague, but never fear, I am still a huge fan of my heels.  They really are a long-waisted girl's best friend!

Dress:  Made by me, Butterick 6463


  1. I think the back blousiness works because of the print...Call it exuberance...
    I think a blouse with that collar and shoulder seaming would be a wonderful separate to mix and match with narrow and full bottoms

  2. I love a shawl collar and with that print and fabric adds a very feminine touch to the dress. Love the shoes; one of my favorite colors.

  3. I would never have guessed that you take a wedge of fabric out at the top of the bodice to relieve the blousy effect that can be seen near the waist. You would want a blousy look if elastic was used to create the waist so perhaps the belt is intended to give the same look as an elastic waist would have.

  4. Bonito el cuello de chal, se ve un vestido fresco y cómodo. También me gustan más los vestidos con el corte en la cintura, sientan mejor. BESICOS.

  5. Laura Mae,

    Another beautifully fitting frock, and it harkens to other decades (those which flatter your time period truth).

    Creating or blogging about it, your loyal legion awaits (not that we don't get cranky from time to time, but you know we mean well).

    If you can include a graphic, or photo of the "wedge", it would help us image-impaired types to grasp the mechanics of your magic.

    Hoping you will once again get photographed in the wild, or during one of your (mis)adventures.

    Stay safe and stay well,

    Sign me,
    Just another one of your typical readers