Sunday, June 20, 2021


I have been going through photos on my computer and came across the images of this blouse that was stitched together some five or size years ago.  The fabric was from the remnant bins, and it was just enough to make up a short sleeved blouse.

I have been on a quest to discover the "perfect" blouse, and I don't think I have found it just yet.  But I was willing to test out Butterick 2259 and I though the cheery daffodils would work quite nicely with the design.  Also, I love to pick fabric for my wearable muslins that don't require any pattern matching.  This print is certainly busy enough to avoid such a thing!

And while this turned out a little more camp shirt than I had hoped, I do love the print, and I always love working with vintage patterns/directions.

It's no surprise, of course, that I had to bind my seams and go full tilt with the bound buttonholes, just because!

I love the print, and these photos have reminded me of the shirt - with this warm weather, it's the perfect time to pull this out of the closet.  Am I the only one who forgets certain garments that are tucked away, only to rediscover them years later?  I know it must be a sign that I have too many clothes, but then again, it's almost like being able to shop for clothes in my own closet, which is always fun!


  1. Muy bonita y es genial ir de compras en tu propio armario. BESICOS.

  2. So you do change sizes, you just don't age.