Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose

I suppose the season has now passed for this dress, although I managed to squeeze in a second wearing on September 30th after its initial debut at a wedding.  And while the idea that any floral on a light background is suddenly out of season as soon as October comes around is somewhat arbitrary, it does feel right that I put this dress away until next year.

But I did have a grand ol' time wearing it those two days.

And it just may have convinced me that I need more long and romantic frocks in my life.  Could it have anything to do with the fact that I am re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series at the moment?  I think, perhaps, that it does!

Of course, that will mean making some more cold weather appropriate items.  Although certainly nothing like what would be necessary for a Prince Edward Island kind of winter!

I did take a coat with me to work this afternoon, where we had a high of 70 degrees.  Goodness me, what a chilly temperature that was after highs in the 90s!  I am finding it rather convenient that Mr. Valentino is turning into a bit of a lap dog in his later years and I have chihuahua-sized lap warmer in the evenings.

The change of seasons probably means I will soon be pulling out a knitting project or two.  I should find something that has been tucked away, waiting to be finished, but I fear that some shiny new yarn will tempt me in a wholly different direction.

But at least I am posting this particular project before it actually gets cold.

Am I actually finished with McCalls 7929?  Maybe for the moment, but I could see myself revisiting this bodice design again.

And I think it may be time to rummage through the stash of wool fabric goodness.

Or do I try to get one last late Summer/early Fall dress made before the rain shows up and chilly weather truly arrives?

Only time will tell.

As to those nine yards of fabric . . . yes, that's a lot of fabric to haul around all day, but if I am being honest, it's also a lot of fun.  

So, yes, I am very pleased that this particular cotton did not end up as the backing for a quilt.  Because I believe it is infinitely more suited to this dress! 

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 7929 with self-drafted skirt
Shoes:  Remix "Miranda"
Necklace & Earrings:  Vintage


  1. The dress is gorgeous and you look stunning in it. You definitely need to make more long dresses.

  2. ¡¡Pero qué bonito te ha quedado!! me encanta todo ése vuelo de la falda.
    Los vestidos largos son encantadores. BESICOS.

  3. A dress with Puff sleeves!! The very height of fashion and elegance, don't you think Matthew?
    How lovely y our dress turned out.

  4. So I went to Flickr and clicked rapidly, and there you were, pouring molten salt into the wound caused by 9 yards of fabric twirled (TWIRLED!) with a "100% delighted" grin.

    No doubt the wedding guests fell hard when they saw you sitting poised during the vows, mingling with a genteel ease, and then you working that skirt on the dance floor. Never you mind the modicum of chest and upper back, framing your neck face and up-doo'; beguiling and disarming skeptics and the like.

    Oh, the call of a sewing siren.

    From P.E.I. to Wood Island...
    your M.O., it won't vary.
    Luxe is your lure,
    men are foibles you parry.

  5. I think this is my favourite thing I’ve seen in a long time! I, too, am finding I’m in the mood for romantic and impractical (semi-practical?) this year…