Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Atomic Turquoise

Well, rainy weather finally arrived here in the Bay Area, this dress is safely tucked away until next Summer, and I am just getting around to posting photos.

But this was one of my more successful projects this year, if the number of times I have already worn it is anything to go by.

Which is a nice surprise, especially since this was meant as a simple wearable muslin.

I do love a good turquoise, but for some reason, this particular fabric print took years to grow on me.

Thankfully, I never "wasted" it on a pattern design that might not have worked out as well as this one did.

Although I didn't get around to it this year, there will absolutely be another version of this dress that I will make when the perfect fabric comes along. Perhaps the shorter knee length version will win out, or I may stick with the tea length since it is probably my favorite full skirt length.

I would highly recommend this pattern (as many people already have).  This is a multi-cup sized pattern, the straps cover a standard bra strap placement, it includes pocket for those who are pocket-obsessed, and it is a very classic and flattering design.

And the skirt allows for plenty of twirling.

If I had to pick something that was less than perfect, I would say the amount of yardage required is a bit much.  But do I begrudge the dress the required fabric?  Not so much!  It may stop me from adding five more versions to my wardrobe . . . but there will definitely be at least one more.

Dress: Made by me, Vogue 9182
Shoes:  Colin Stuart
Belt:  Banana Republic


  1. Beautiful! I am now checking out the pattern.

  2. I really like this dress. It turned out very well. Great fit, great lines, pop of color!! Fantastic!!

  3. Ya had to, ya just had to!

  4. Precioso y los escotes quedan perfectos. BESICOS.