Sunday, December 19, 2021

Pink Cables

Ah yes, another sweater project that gets finished and then languishes in a drawer, unworn and unloved, for goodness knows how long.

In this case, the only real excuse I have is that I couldn't decide what skirt to pair with the sweater.  Ridiculous, yes, but I have a habit of doing this with sweaters that I knit.  And then after a certain point, I forget that they are waiting for their chance to see the outside of the bureau.

I repeatedly jump into projects with a color or a style that doesn't really match anything that exists in my closet . . . or, doesn't match how I imagine it should.

I made the cardigan version of this sweater many years ago, and it turned out a bit large so it doesn't get as much wear as it should.  But I love the cable pattern, so a few years ago I decided that I would make myself another, but this time the crew necked version.

One of the reasons that I chose this particular pattern was that the stitch pattern is very easy to remember; give me columns and a chart, and I am a happy knitter.  And because I knew that I was going to be on a film set sitting around for many hours during the day, I wanted an easy to remember knitting project to keep me busy.

I finished the sweater, I love the sweater, but the issue of the skirt to wear with the sweater was never resolved.

But I was determined to find something that would work, because I wanted to wear the darn thing.  Well, I finally found something suitable earlier this month.

And having finally worn the sweater, it is safe to say that I love it, and it's wonderful to wear.  Perhaps there is a more appropriately sized cardigan in my future (how many versions of the same pattern are too many?).  But first, I have to figure out which dress I plan to wear with it!


  1. A film set...for hours...have you been holding out on us Laura Mae?

    Has Hollywood come out of it's coma, and headed toward Sonoma? Surely the scouts had an inkling, or happened upon your favorite soda shop.

    Will it be a period piece? A weeper? An indie film with a vibe you magnify?

    Do tell!

    A reader who wants all the details

  2. Your knitting is just amazing! Beautiful workmanship.