Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Taste of Peppermint for the Holidays

Guess what this yummy yarn color is called? . . . peppermint!  I found the merino wool over at a couple of years ago.  The cabled pattern was fun, and I finished the cardigan in late 2009, at which point it took up residence in my bureau.

The sweater turned out a bit larger than expected, and I never seemed to find the right dress or skirt to complete the ensemble – yes, it’s another one of those projects.  

A belt, of course, is a quick solution for the fit problems.  And most of the vintage style dresses in my closet have self-fabric belts that I have made to match, yet I usually manage to forget that they exist until I pull the corresponding dress out of the closet to wear.  Silly, right?  

So this belt was borrowed for the day – little miss 1955 is just going to have to deal with being separated from her baby belt for a bit.

And while the color suggests more of a wintergreen, I am now christening this my Peppermint Holiday Jumper (in deference to the colourway and my long standing tradition of attending Christmas dinner with a lovely British family, complete with Christmas pudding!).  Can “jumper” refer to a cardigan or just a pullover?  Anyway . . . Happy Christmas to you!

Jumper:  Made by me, Symphony Cardigan by Martin Storey
Skirt:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Nine West “Health”
Fascinator:  Made by me
Nude Coloured Fishnets:  Simply Vera from Kohls
Belt:  Made by me, borrowed from this dress


  1. Hello Laura Mae, as a Brit, I would usually call a pullover a "jumper" and cardigans are sometimes abreviated to "cardi"
    So.. You could just grab a cardi to go over your jumper because its freezing cold outside.
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you
    Sheryl xx

  2. MORE BRITISH ADVICE! "Jumper" normally refers to just pullovers rather than cardies, but in this case they're close enough that you could tell someone they were being picky if they called you out on it.

  3. You said you knit, and I kick myself for not immediately thinking, "Better than St. Johns or Pringle!". That is one impressive sweater.

    Featuring this ensemble upon nude fishnets and dark green peep-toe pumps means you have your black belt in accessorizing.

    In perpetual envy (those calves!),


  4. That minty green is one of my favorite colors. Looks amazing with the skirt!