Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vintage Knitting Inspiration

Yesterday evening I arrived home after a long and exhausting week at work, and what did my eyes behold, but a nondescript cardboard parcel sitting next to my front door. Could it be? Yes it could!

A Stitch in Time, Volume 2 has arrived in California!  The discussion boards on Ravelry have been full of satisfied customers all over the world boasting about their beautiful new books, and I will admit that I was getting very jealous.

While I have not had enough time to fully digest all of the incredible information included in this book, I did pick up on one fun fact: “cardigans and jackets were restricted to 3 buttons during war time Britain.”    I was aware of the limitations imposed by rationing on fabrics, but I had never thought about fastenings!    I took a quick look at my 1940s sewing patterns and sure enough, one or two buttons are used to fasten those jackets.  And it never occurred to me!

I am determined to stay focused on my coat for the moment,  but you can be sure there will be lots of knitting in my future!


  1. Thank you for a delightful blog! I've just found you, courtesy of malepatternboldness! Speaking of "found," here is a short making-of video for "A Stitch in Time Volume 2"! --

    -- a fellow sewing, knitting and crochet addict in California

  2. @Anonymous Anonymous: Thank you for reading!

    I should have linked to that lovely little film (I loved it from the first moment it was posted on Ravelry) - it makes me appreciate how much work actually went into the photo shoots! Thank you for reminding me!

  3. Read about you on Male Pattern Boldness...I'm in love with the red gingham dress with that amazing neckline. I am adding you to my days can always use more inspiration!

  4. Hi, I found your blog through MPB, have read all your posts and I have to tell you how inspiring you are. I don't share your affection for vintage clothing, but your commitment to doing the best work you can is truly an inspiration. Thank you.