Monday, December 12, 2011

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

The last few days have been busy!    

First off, I have to say a great big THANK YOU!! to Mr. Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness for my brush with fame.  Not only did he graciously mention my little fledgling blog (it took me a few minutes to figure out where all of those new followers came from!), but he says I remind him of a movie star – well, thank you darling (don’t worry, your check is in the mail).

Then, I finished my coat just in time for the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Launch Party in San Francisco.  I caught a quick mention on their blog the other day, Mena of The Sew Weekly mentioned it on her blog (got to meet her at the party!), and Amy commented here to ask if I would be attending.  Because the idea kept nagging at me, I decided to go, even as the dread of SF parking was ever present.

Turns out I am very glad I decided to go.  How fantastic to be in a room full of creative people.  And how great to meet fellow bloggers in person.

Amy of Sew Well and Meg of Made by Meg – it was fantastic meeting you both!  See you around the blogosphere, and hopefully for a sewing party/outing sometime soon!


  1. That brought back so many memories - of severe parking anxiety! Not only are the SF parking garages expensive and hard to find, but when I'd finally find my way out to the street I would be completely turned around and it would take me forever to get my bearings and hike to my actual destination. Terrible!
    But I'm so glad you braved all that and made it to the party. I hope we get to see pictures of your coat soon.

  2. It was great to meet you last night. Your coat was gorgeous - perfect for the event. Let's check on the dates of the next couple of Alameda Fairs to see if any of them work for a weekend trip. Meg mentioned about the same on her blog. I think the three of us could have fun exploring the stalls and scouting for vintage finds. Also, since I'm still a fledgling seamstress, I'm looking forward to picking up some of your good habits and techniques. I figure it's best to pick these things up from the start! So, keep sharing your tips and tricks! Thanks!

  3. Fun! And what did you WEAR to the event?

  4. Your blog is truly amazing, and your talent and skill with sewing even more so. I love Love LOVE the outfits you make from the vintage vogue reissue patterns!

  5. Hi Laura Mae

    I'm another who has found her way here via Peter Lappin's blog (I just love following the adventures of his identical cousin Cathy!). I have had a quick browse through your blog and, although I haven't read all of the posts yet, I definitely will! Your writing is very engaging, and your passion for fine sewing quite inspiring!

  6. Argh, I wanted to go, and RSVP'd and everything. Not sure if children were allowed, and even if they had been, I don't feel comfortable toting my baby onto BART considering the unsavory things that've happened to me before on it.

  7. @Elisha I am sorry you could not be there Elisha! There were a few kids attending the launch as well as a couple of dogs, so next time around you should bring the whole family.

    And I know what you mean about public transportation. I saw some scary things while riding Muni buses in San Francisco years ago. But there are days when I sure do wish that Marin County had thought ahead and agreed to be a part of the BART system!