Thursday, December 15, 2011

A New Wool Coat, Part 3

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my new coat.  And in case you were curious how she looks on a real person, here we go!

My new wool coat.

I had grand ideas about making a new fuchsia blouse to look super snazzy with the open neckline, but I did not have time this weekend, and I did not want to put off wearing the finished product!  So I made do with a bright pink scarf instead.

I pulled out one of my favorite wool pencil skirts (made early this year out of leftover yardage from this dress).  

I love when I can squeeze two projects out of one length of wool!  I try to convince myself that the skirt cost nothing.  Sure, I needed a zipper, and some lining, but the skirt was basically made from scraps, right?

And I will leave you with a few superfluous twirls – I dare you to be in a bad mood after spinning around in a full skirted dress or coat.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Coat:  Made by me, Vogue 8211
Skirt:  Made by me, Simplicity 4047
Blouse:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Ann Klein “Foxy” in Black Patent
Stockings:  Banana Republic
Purse:  Harveys Seatbelt Bag “Lola” in Emerald
Scarf: Ross
Necklace:  Shadows
Earrings: Kohls


  1. Definitely qualifies as a free skirt.

    WOW. Just wow. It looks fantastic on you, the drape and the shape. Very well done.

    I LOVE your lining shots. Way cool.

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm sure people will be doing a double take when you walk by. You don't see people this stylish every day. I found your blog via MPB, and I'm so glad I did. But seriously, did you bang this out in less than a week??? Do you ever sleep? :)

  3. yep, free skirt!
    And the coat is fantastic. I have no idea how you managed to make it so fast and make the process look so effortless?

  4. Ce manteau est tout simplement superbe !
    Bravo !

  5. I agree, skirt is free (everyone knows that notions don't count as $$)! Coat is stunning, I adore the lining, and of course it looks fabulous on you. Like StephC said, WOW.

  6. First the coat, over a "something from nothing" skirt, and then you twirled ('sigh' - she twirls!) - I'm yours.

  7. The coat looks great -- I love the way it drapes and the fabric is lovely. Elegant skirt too!

  8. This coat is so fun and feminine. You make such beautiful things. Wear this with pride girl!

  9. @Mainelydad Mainelydad: I guess I did finish in seven days – no wonder I am exhausted! I knew I wanted to wear it for the BurdaStyle launch party, so I spent a few hours each evening and worked away at it. It’s amazing what a little motivation and a self-imposed deadline can do!

  10. Your coat is so beautiful. I love the fit and I love the way the skirt hangs. My daughter purchased the pattern for me to make her and I was not excited by it. I thought the illustrations looked blah. But your coat is vibrant. It's gorgeous!

  11. I didn't read your previous post about the coat but that fabric looks so fifties .it must be vintage right? I will look up your previous post. I just love the pink lining too. You are so talented Laura Mae! Im amazed at thedetailof your projects that you seem to churn out weekly.

  12. I love this coat!!! So perfect! I've been looking for something like that in the stores, with a full skirt. I need to get this pattern!

  13. The coat looks divine! And I agree with the others about "free" skirts! I have a pattern (loosely based on a vogue pattern) that has no pockets, no waistband, no "bells and whistles", but fits perfectly, and I've made it so many times I can just about do it in my sleep! And in wide fabric, I need only the length, so odd remnants are ideal! I don't think a girl can have too many!

  14. Gorgeous coat, and that fabric: wow! I think that you are doing a great job of channeling a "Lilli Ann" look here.

  15. Two other places to buy Hug Snug is (they have every color made) and who have amazing prices and speedy delivery. Your coat just screams elegant!