Thursday, February 24, 2022

Mini Me

Now that February weather has turned frigid, I am going through more weather appropriate photos in the backlog of projects to be posted to the blog.  In the last couple of years I have found myself drawn to easy to wear long sleeved sweaters that fall at mid-hip.  The only issue is, whatever shall I wear with these sweaters?  Actually, this is a common problem for me . . . I spend many hours making a sweater that I love, only to discover that I don't have a matching skirt to wear with it.  Whoops!

So when I started working on this sweater, I decided that I would also make myself a new skirt, thus eliminating the problem of finding a matching one.  

My pattern of choice was Vogue 1247, made with fabric that I had initially purchased to make drapes.  I love the fabric, but since completing my quilt, I felt like there were too many patterns in the room to add yet another busy print, so the drapes were put on hold, and the fabric put to the side.

My challenge for this project was to use what I had on hand - no purchasing new items for this skirt allowed!  For an underlining, I rummaged in the bin that holds solid colored cottons and found this maroon sateen. 

I also had a suitable invisible zipper on hand, and plenty of seam binding to finish all of the raw edges.

I have since found a few other separates that work quite nicely with the tweedy top, but I am also excited to have an excuse to pull out some of my colorful tights to wear with these new short skirts that have been added to my closet in the last couple of years!


  1. Laura Mae,

    Your organization skills, resourcefulness, ability to focus/juggle/focus/blog/and-start-another-project are amazing.

    There is currency in your creativity. In a world thirsting for calm and beauty, broad insight along with a mention of minutiae; you are both reason and reassurance.

    With everything that has happened, is happening, never mind your personal life, you always continue. You don't carry on, you carry forward - and us with you.

    Never shy to appreciate,

    A reader

  2. Great pattern pic for the skirt. The fabric looks fabulous as a skirt. Your sweater is beautiful. Add the calm needed for the skirt's large print. Love the whole ensemble.

  3. I love this so much. Can't wait to see it on you.