Saturday, March 27, 2021

Sweater Weather

Every time I hear the phrase "sweater weather" I immediately think of this Saturday Night Live sketch.  It's fabulous, and it makes me laugh out loud!

And even though sweater weather is quickly coming to an end in this neck of the woods (or at least sweaters of the wool/warm variety)  I have a few knit projects that I want to share before it gets really warm!

This project came about because I stumbled across this KnitPicks yarn.  It's fuzzy, it's one of my favorite colors, and I just had to have a sweater made out of it!

It was more difficult to find a basic turtleneck design than expected, but I eventually found the "Vanilla Bean Turtleneck."  It has raglan sleeves, an oversized neckline, and a little bit of shaping through the torso; basically, your standard turtleneck sweater.  Which is what I was looking for!

Then I decided that the final remaining scraps of my black and white floral brocade needed to be made into a skirt to pair with my new sweater.  There wasn't very much of it left, but I was able to cut out Vogue 1247.  I have been meaning to try out that famous pattern for years, and it was finally time.

The silhouette is a departure for me (this is the length of the given pattern pieces, and it's short!).  Then again, if the skirt was any longer, I wouldn't have had enough fabric, so there you go.

And it's fun to change things up every once in a while.  

I have also rediscovered my collection of tights, which has been neglected for a few years.

I may not have leftovers of my black and white brocade, but I think I have enough leftover yarn (not sure why the sweater pattern called for so much) to make myself another cropped sweater from this lovely pink stuff.  

And I may have already cast on that project . . .

Sweater:  Made by me, "Vanilla Bean Turtleneck"
Skirt:  Made by me, Vogue 1247


  1. El conjunto te queda fenomenal. BESICOS.

  2. I will be curious to know how this blocked; although my knitting days are behind me, this does look like very yummy yarn. And I could be tempted out of retirement.

    1. It blocked pretty well! I usually dunk a sweater, roll it in a towel, walk all over the rolled towel/sweater to smoosh out as much water as I can. Then I let it dry for a while on a rack laying flat on mesh. For this fluffy yarn, I was worried that the sweater might need a little help, so I stuck in in the dryer on low heat using one of those inserts that keeps the sweater from tumbling. This brought the fluffy quality back to the yarn. And then I finally pinned it to the blocking mats!

      The finished sweater looks great, and the water did shrink up the fiber in a similar fashion to my initial swatch.

      I am curious to see how the yarn holds up over time, and I think it will do better than expected. This really doesn't shed much at all, which is surprising. Somehow those little fibers are really caught in the nylon mesh and don't want to come out!

  3. [swallows a handful of baby aspirin and is driving self to the hospital]