Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Whatever Happened to that Wingback Chair?

As I was going through old photos, I came across this skirt.  For some reason, the project never made it to the blog, so I am going to remedy that.

This is upholstery fabric that my Grandmother used for some home decor projects.  My Mom brought me the remaining pieces which had been stored over the years in Pennsylvania.  She knows how much I love an oversized floral!

It was folded up and forgotten in my sewing room for a couple of years until I made Butterick 6556 and I realized what a wonderful skirt the pattern would make with the simple addition of a waistband.  The remaining pieces of upholstery fabric happened to be almost exactly the size needed for each pleated pattern piece.  It was meant to be!

I pick-stitched the zipper by hand, and added a single bound buttonhole at center back.

The fabric is rather weighty, so I used a dark green scrap of silk organza (that I hand dyed for this epic project!) to make the facing window.  [Which is the main reason I never manage to get rid of my fabric scraps . . . they may come in handy somewhere down the line.]

I think I would have had trouble using a machine to make a buttonhole with this fabric, by even so, the extra time it takes to make a bound buttonhole is so worth it!!

I also added two ribbon hangers at each side seam.  In this case, I attached each one at two separate points because of the weight of the fabric; this works better than folding the ribbon in half and attaching at a single point when the garment is substantial.

And I gave my skirt a nice wide hem because it makes a garment hang so nicely.

This skirt comes out to play quite often.  It's comfy, and I just can't resist that print!

Do I look like a sofa in granny's living room?  Maybe so.  But I love this skirt! 


  1. That must have been a beautiful sofa. And a lovely skirt

  2. This is beautiful, and I identify with your happiness. My favorite skirt was from an old set of heavy curtains (used the lining, too). Yes, it was heavy but it wore like a tank, super comfy, and pleated like a champ. I wore it out.

    This is much prettier than a wingback chair!

  3. Pero qué bonitaaaa, la tela es una preciosidad.
    Disfrútala mucho y BESICOS.