Tuesday, March 9, 2021

A Charming Red Skirt in which to Twirl

I originally meant for this project to be my Christmas 2020 outfit, paired with a novelty print blouse in one of the Christmas prints I have stashed away.  But then I didn't even begin working on the skirt until January 2021, and this blouse is from Christmas 2019 because I ran out of time for another.  Get it together, Laura!  

And then someone reminded me that cardinal prints don't have to be consigned to a single month of the year.  I mean, yes, the bright red birdies stand out nicely on a snowy background.  But even so, the snow never (or very, very rarely) arrives here in the Bay Area, and it certainly is still snowing in January, February, and March in a whole lot of locales.  So I am calling this seasonally appropriate!

But with or without a seasonal print on my blouse, this skirt is going to be a mainstay in my wardrobe, and I will probably make another at some point, or as soon as I decide on a fabric.

As I mentioned in my blog post about the construction, this version is significantly longer than the pattern suggests.  And provided my fabric is wide enough, I think I want all of my full skirts to be this length!

And yes, it twirls quite nicely.

It's a circle skirt - what's not to love?! (other than the fact that they require a lot of fabric).

I don't believe I have ever made a gored circle skirt, and it's high time that I did.

And, provided that your fabric can be cut with a multi-directional layout (which this melton wool can), it does save a little on the yardage requirements.

As I previously mentioned, I was a bit disappointed that I did not have enough fabric for the oversized pockets.  But I think that turned out for the best.

That's not to say that I won't make use of the oversized pocket pieces in a future project, but this is my definition of a classic red wool skirt, and you can never have too many of those!

Which reminds me . . . I should wear this again before the weather gets too warm for a heavy wool skirt.

Blouse:  Made by me, Vogue 8772/McCall 8358
Skirt:  Made by me, Charm Patterns "Stanwyck Skirt"
Earrings:  Handmade by Cousin Carole


  1. Stunning! Love that circle skirt.

  2. I couldn't quite see the cardinal print but when I saw the very first picture, I thought the month of May
    That is a celebrate spring outfit (except for the long sleeves and heavy wool part)
    (I looked it up...Cardinal breeding season starts in May)

  3. Tu blusa de pajaritos es monísima y todavía más acompañada de la falda de lana. Un conjunto precioso. BESICOS.

  4. I didn’t realize my life needed a red Melton circle skirt, but I think it does. Gorgeous!!!

  5. Brazenly brazen, I say!

    The title, the 5 (five!) pictures mid-twirl, and the expression of infinite mockery you put out into the universe (sometimes I think you're just doing it for my detriment).

    Godets could easily add another 48 to 72 inches. Make a second skirt, and you and that mother of yours could Double Mint twirl, while both sporting spit curls.

    Your choice of fabric, construction, and mannered modeling are commendable and duly praised. As for you egregious "show of leg in the round" - you know only too well how I and countless other gentle readers view that predilection of yours. [gently shakes head]

    Twirling was, and is, a gateway behavior, Miss Laura Mae.