Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sweaters & Sequins

I love when two completely unrelated projects end up being a perfect pair!

I was working on both the sweater and stitching sequins and beads on the skirt at the same time, and it eventually occurred to me that the colors were a perfect match when I saw both items laying next to each other on the same table.

And while I was not finished making the matching top for the skirt, I decided that I could not wait any longer to wear the skirt. 

So in the Fall of last year, while the leaves were turning, I donned this sweater and skirt.

And I had a whole lot of fun wearing this skirt!

Circle skirts are definitely one of my favorite silhouettes, especially tea length circle skirts.

The sweater has become a staple in my closet (I liked it so much that I made another), but the star of this particular show is the skirt.

It is difficult to capture the shimmer of the sequins in a photo, but in the sunlight it catches the light beautifully.

While finishing the matching top, I had to find the leftover yardage to make a matching mask for attending the Symphony two weeks ago.

I did not realize just how much fabric I still have stashed away.  So there may be another matching blouse in the sewing projects queue.

I figure, I might as well get as much wear out of something that I spent so long making!

The only question is, to sequin, or not to sequin . . .

Sweater:  Made by me, "Jailbird Blouse" by Poison Grrls
Skirt:  Made by me
Shoes:  Nine West
Earrings:  Express
Ring:  Grandfather's high school ring


  1. Yes, sometimes unplanned things just make a gorgeous combo. Enjoy!

  2. Wow! So beautiful. The color combo is exceptionally flattering and the work that went into sewing the sequins on the flowers - certainly worth the effort. I don't think I am fashion-forward enough to be able to appreciate the row of sequins at the hem's edge. I always look forward to when you post a new blog. From an ardent fan.

  3. Overheard sniping #11:

    She did that deliberately.
    I should say so.
    One has been stewing for days, DAYS!
    Can you see her on the witness stand, professing everything to be a casual choice; her lips are "In your face" red!
    All those images culminating in the penultimate shot, her self-satisfied smirk was most certainly for a select audience.
    She knew and she knows. Can a smile be palpable?
    Obviously she more than realized what was coming next.
    Ya, just her backside MID(!) twirl.
    I shall call the manager and have her fired immediately!
    If only it were that easy.
    She planned this while she was busy beading that skirt.
    Dreamt the whole thing up, she did.
    Premeditated, with aggravating charges.
    The sweater or the shoes?
    THAT Laura Mae!
    Yes, THAT one.

  4. Such a nice and lovely outfit, the top really compliments your beautiful skirt. And you look so fabulous and sophisticated in it and it really look good on you. Such a wonderful and amazing masterpiece. Love it.<3