Saturday, November 18, 2023

Florals in Shades of Blue

I had a fairly good idea that a puffed sleeve was going to work quite nicely with the Picnic Top pattern - what I didn't realize was that it would make me rediscover this skirt.

I have been wearing my new denim skirt to death lately (because it really does go with just about everything), and while it would work perfectly with the blue floral design of this top, I was hoping that I could find another option in my closet.

The Sewaholic "Hollyburn" skirt was the belle of the ball around the internet sewing world when it was first released back in 2012, but I don't see it all that much anymore.

It's a great design, so much so that I made myself two versions.  And they saw quite a bit of wear until more recent projects took over the prime sections of closet and I forgot about them after a while.

But as I was rummaging around the depths of the closet looking for the color blue, I spotted this skirt.

Which was exactly what I was looking for!

It's always fun to rediscover garments.  Maybe not quite a fun as a brand new shiny finished sewing project waiting to be worn for the first time, but after years of not being worn, they almost feel like new.

And since I have been on a bit of a denim kick, I am surprised that I didn't think of this skirt right away.  That has to be a sign that I have too many clothing choices, right?!

Which is not to say that a wardrobe could ever have too many blue toned skirts.

As a matter of fact, I keep meaning to add more blue and purple shades to my fabric choices.  Both colors are high up on my list of favorites, but somewhere along the way reds and pinks became my go to.

But the cool tones are gaining traction, and I absolutely feel that a tea length navy wool skirt would be a very welcome addition to my collection.  And there I go adding another project to the sewing queue . . .

Blouse:  Made by me, "Picnic Blouse" from Charm Patterns
Skirt:  Made by me, "Hollyburn" Skirt from Sewaholic Patterns
Necklace:  Nicky Butler
Earrings:  Gift
Shoes:  Marc Fisher "Chela"


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