Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumnal Color Palette

Even though it is late October, the weather is decidedly warm during the day.  And although a pastel cotton sundress would work with the temperature, it just feels wrong.  So out came a summer weight cotton seersucker dress with a definite fall color palette – perfect!

The pattern is McCalls 6758, a vintage pattern I purchased on ebay.

The finished dress looks quite different from the original pattern because I did not have enough seersucker fabric to complete the entire dress.  It turns out, I prefer the contrasting collar and cuffs to solid stripes - I just love when mistakes turn out for the best!  The length is also a departure from the pattern, but the dress just did not look right with a longer skirt.

A more in-depth review of my sewing process may be found over at Pattern Review.

I love seersucker – no ironing needed.  Well, except for the solid colored cotton portions.  This is the ideal dress for the strange between-seasons weather we are experiencing!

Dress: McCalls 6758
Shoes:  Aerosoles “Guava Plush” in Orange Combo from
Earrings:  Gift


  1. Love this dress Laura Mae. I have been loving seeing all your creations - they're just beautiful!

  2. @Kathleen Kathleen - Thank you so much! I love sharing them with an appreciative audience!

  3. Oh my gosh that dress is so cute. The khaki trim goes so nicely with it too. And seersucker is one of my favourite fabrics :-)

    (hey - Is it possible to make your pics just the teensiest bit bigger? Sometimes I like to see the fabric & details up close :-D)