Monday, November 21, 2011

Pink Martini

I finally finished this ensemble!  And guess what – it is another Vintage Vogue – I know, you are super surprised, right? 

Vogue 1136

I purchased the pattern and the fabric years ago – I just never got around to the sewing.  I meant to finish it for the Mahler symphony concert, but decided I did not want to rush my bound buttonholes and all those tucks, so I put it away.  

And instead of working on it over the weekend, I waited until Tuesday and Wednesday evening to finish it just in time for the Pink Martini concert I attended last Thursday. 

The fabric was a lucky find from Fashion Fabrics Club.  For me, the company is hit and miss.  I have found some fantastic yardage, but the colors posted online are often nothing like what shows up at my doorstep – I do not believe it is my monitor because I never have the issue with other online retailers.  They do have some fantastic deals, though, so the less than ideal stuff gets used for wearable muslins or patterns that I am not quite sure about.

This fabric was billed as faille, which it is not!  However, I love the diamond texture created with the net background.  Because I was worried that the net might be a bit itchy, and I knew it would stick to hosiery, I underlined the entire dress by hand with silk thread. 

If you look close, you can see that some of my basting stitches are still visible from the wrong side of the garment – I finished the outfit, but did not have a chance to pull out all of those extra stitches!

And by the way, this group is absolutely fantastic.  I was not familiar with their music, but it is truly phenomenal - if you ever get the opportunity, do yourself a favor and see one of their concerts!  

Dress & Jacket:  Made by me, Vogue 1136
Coat:  Made by me, Simplicity 4403, a review of the pattern may be found on Pattern Review
Shoes:  Metro 7 “Justin”
Earrings:  Marcasite from Macys
Necklace:  Judith Jack
Fishnets:  Hue
Clutch:  Banana Republic

P.S.  Voting for the Threads Ultimate Sewing Challenge is still open!  I am currently in second place, so thank you for all of your votes – please keep it up!


  1. i'm loving your run-through of the vintage vogue line. this dress is another stunner--i think i like it better than the jacket--and i love how you finished the inside. VPM did a great article this month and featured this pattern, talking about ways to modernize it...i might have to try it now.

  2. I love this ensemble! The color is beautiful on you, what an amazing fabric for an amazing design. Plus I love the fishnets to pick up the continue the diamond pattern. The whole look is just WOW! It will be quite some time before I'm ready to tackle something as detailed as this pattern, but until then I'm so glad you're out there showing us how it's done.
    On the Threads challenge you've been jumping between the first and second positions each day when I vote. So exciting!

  3. @Katrina Blanchalle Katrina, Thank you so much! I love fishnets and try to wear them with everything to help disguise my pasty legs.

    And I am thrilled to hear I made it to first place, if only for a couple of moments – whenever I check I have been in second or third. Thank you, thank you, thank you for voting!

  4. @puu It is almost embarrassing how many of the Vintage Vogue reproductions I own/have sewn. And yet, I keep coming across out of print designs on etsy and ebay that I am sorry to have missed. So, the collection will continue to grow, although I probably have enough patterns to keep me busy for the next 30 years!

  5. Beautiful! I am amazed by how your dresses look just as great on the inside! Also, I have given you a blog award; come check it out at

  6. Such a lovely colour faric and the detail, wow