Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modern Vogue

If I am being completely honest, the recent pattern catalogues have been a bit of a disappointment for me. 

But what a relief!

Vogue 1317

Although there are only a few designs that have caught my eye, I am pleased that the stash will not be increasing exponentially.  Not to mention the guilt over the hoards of patterns that are screaming for a little attention of their own as I type this post.

Vogue 1324

The new Fall Vogue Collection is out, and the photography, while interesting, distracts from the actual design of the garments.

Vogue 1314

I mean, really, what the heck is this?  Quick, describe the garment to me . . . yeah, good luck with that.  (The shoes really are fantastic, though!)  Thankfully there are some helpful line drawings, or no one would be able to tell what the dress actually looks like.

Vogue 1316

There are some very interesting modern looks, and perhaps I will brave something out of my comfort zone when the season changes.  

The model looks like a modern version of a Hitchcock heroine - the only thing missing is a few birds hovering nearby.

Vogue 1321

LOVE the shawl collar on this coat, but I am not sure if all of that topstitching works for me.  And look, she is already ducking to avoid those winged killers in her super chic coat.

Surprise, surprise - Donna Karan continues to amaze.  

Vogue 1322

The cape meets the blazer.  Seeing as I am discovering a new obsession with the 1930s (the ultimate era for the cape), this may be just the ticket.

Vogue 8827

But where, oh where, are my beloved Vintage Vogues?

Vogue 8825

So, while it is a tad anticlimactic to see the new collection, my wallet will be pleased!

What are your favorites?  Do you love the super modern look, or will you grieve over the lack of vintage reproductions?


  1. The endlessly timeless shawl collar coat is my favourite, I think. I'd love to see it down in rich chocolate brown or perhaps a dark heathered grey.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. My wallet is relieved, too - less spending on patterns means more possible for fabric. :-)
    I like the suit V1325, but have patterns for the components which are very similar. Although that might not stop me buying this one during their sale. And I just LOVE shawl collars, but have those in my pattern stash too. This is going to be one busy autumn and winter, that's for sure.

  3. The red Ralph Rucci dress is my favorite, that man is a genius. I like the photography, it's more like a fashion magazine than a pattern catalog. As long as there are technical drawings I'm fine with it.

  4. Aside from the cape/blazer, you picked out all of my favorites. I love the Ralph Rucci dress. My only issue with the new releases is that there isn't much new. It would be hard for me to justify buying another wrap dress pattern when I already have two unsewn, if you know what I mean.

  5. You read my mind with this blog post. I just took a look at the Fall Vogue lineup yesterday and was quite disappointed. I was particularly looking for some sort of a structured jacket, but alas, they are all loose and flowy. Not my style. As for the photography, I love your Birds comparison. Quite appropriate. I thought the poor woman was contemplating jumping out that window!

  6. Aren't those shoes fantastic? You seem to have chosen all my favourites (the Rucci and Donna Karan/DKNY). I think the Vintage Vogues are only released twice a year, so we won't see any til winter..
    And be careful with the '30s, they can be habit-forming! I discovered them partway into my pattern collecting, and before I knew it, they were my favourite decade.

  7. I did a post on my blog about this collection too! And I agree with you about the weird photography - you can't see the garment properly, and even though there is line drawings, I like to see it on. But I'm not a fan of the DKNY cape - the dress that went with it was lovely, but the cape just look like a mens blazer where the inside seams on the sleeves weren't finished... odd. There were a couple I might consider forking out money for... but not now... too many other things on my sewing list!

  8. I've found many of the more recent patterns a bit flat too. I loved the new coat pattern(1321) nice too and you're reference to Hitchcock's the Birds was quite funny. I think this fall I will do a lot of sewing.

  9. I like the first dress V1317 but the rest seem very underwhelming. I love the Vintage Vogues and will miss if they stop doing them. The photography is very amusing, perhaps I should steal some ideas for my blog, although I think I would struggle to pose without laughing. These patterns will take 6 months to reach our shores, oh well, I won't be waiting with baited breath for these ones.

  10. I'm so thankful that I'm not a model (not that I have any attributes that would have made it possible) because standing in those windows would have given me some sort of attack I'd never get over! Poor things, no wonder they are crouching, probably terrified they might go out the window!

  11. Those photos are so odd, it sent me to the pattern website--ah ha! if you run your cursor over the pix, a front view shows up like an apology. Overall, I just love that coat with big collar, so easy to use in so many ways.

  12. The other day I was checking out the Burda web site and to my surprise they have quite a few vintage style patterns which all made me think of you. 7127. 7173, 7174,7175, to list but a few. They are really lovely, perhaps you may wish to take a look.

  13. Wow, love that fourth one ... but I fear it may be beyond my abilities... then again, my mother just took a couture sewing course...