Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Although I have an aversion to many 1970s styles and fabrics, the classic wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg is a notable exception.  It is pretty amazing how well the style has held up over the years.

I finally found the perfect pattern for this fabric (from fabric.com).  I have been hoarding it for over two years, waiting for the perfect pattern to come along.  And then Vogue 8827 came out in the most recent catalogue.  

With a little inspiration from DVF, the project really came together. 

Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, 1975–76

The collar was the first thing I noticed about this pattern.  I just love it!  Although I do not have any immediate plans to make another version, I believe a contrasting collar would look quite fetching with the design. 

I went ahead and used the medium length version and I am very glad that I did.  The envelope drawings are a bit misleading, and I really do not think that the shorter version would have covered my knees.  As it is, I would have liked to have a few extra inches to work with, but it certainly does not ruin the dress for me.  On the other hand, the sleeves that I used are incredibly long - I used the three-quarter length version which turned out to be more of a bracelet length.

And there were a few other issues.

I suddenly realized that one of those green colors looked very much like bright lime.  Along with yellow, lime is not one of my favorite colors.  When I first saw the fabric in person, I thought that the other greens distracted from the bright color.  But once I cut into it, and was staring at it for an extended period of time, that bright color made me rethink my initial impression.  I do, however, love the gemstone peridot, so I have decided to get over my fear of the color lime, and start calling it peridot!

The other issue was the extra pattern ease.  When I first tried the dress on, it looked like an unflattering bathrobe.  Thank goodness for fabric belts and drapey rayon!

Instead of following the instructions and using ribbons to close the inside edges of the wrap dress, I used a loop and button.  To close the outside flap, I added a small snap.  The pattern instructions do not include this final step, but unless you want to continually adjust the dress or expose a whole lot of skin, you are going to want to add that second closure.  The belt is not sufficient!

This dress was quite easy to put together -  no buttonholes, or zippers anywhere to be found.  And overall, I am very please with the finished product!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 8827
Shoes:  Oh Deer!
Necklace & Earrings:  The Vintage Flamingo
Bracelet:  Gift


  1. Although I absolutely love every one of your creations, this has to go near the top of my list of favorites. I love the style and the color, and as always, the level of skill and care you put into it really shows.
    What a perfect use for that fabric!

  2. Generally speaking, I like the fashions of the 70s more than those of the 60s, however there are still many 70s pieces that are not my style. Like yourself though, Diane's iconic dresses have always been a notable exception and a piece I'd happily wear anytime.

    I adore your wrap dress and like that it looks like it could be styled to work for anything from a 40s inspired outfit to a chic modern ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Super cute! I love the green fabric that you used, it looks like it has amazing drape.

  4. Such a cute dress! This looks like a great dress that can be dressed up or dressed down. :]

  5. That color combo is stunning on you! And the ruffle at the neck goes with your whole aesthetic really well.

  6. That is STUNNING!!! I have some similar fabric, but in a different colorway that I am thinking of using to make that dress.

  7. Another stunner!! I love a good DVF wrap, and this is just gorgeous. The colors are spectacular. Glad you resolved that whole lime aversion by calling it peridot. :) Beautiful, versatile dress.

  8. Simply stunning and love that dress...xoxoxox

  9. Simply stunning and love that dress...xoxoxox