Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Carpet Rivals

If I am being perfectly honest, I was rather underwhelmed with the fashion choices made for last night's Golden Globes.  And let's be honest - what other reason is there to watch!  I did not see the entire telecast, so I am curious to know how my opinion will change as more and more pictures show up and the details are revealed. 

Jennifer Garner is STUNNING – she keeps getting more and more beautiful, it is kind of ridiculous.  Strapless can be utterly boring, but not this Vivienne Westwood!  I really want to know what that fabric looks like up close!

Calvin Klein is generally not my style, but Jessica Chastain looked phenomenal.  Love the color, but the back view makes her look wide – not sure how that is possible.  The return of Veronica Lake waves is refreshing instead of the messy strands that have become standard red carpet fare.

[Added:  Quite a few people are suggesting that Ms. Chastain’s dress silhouette is not very flattering.  But clearly nothing on her body is sagging, anywhere!  I thought the design was reflecting more of an Edwardian s-curve at the bodice front, and never even imagined that the draping at the front waist was meant to suggest sagging bits!  I guess I was blinded by how well she looked in the color!  I do have to say that the straight line at the back waist (not seen here) could have been altered to make her appear a bit more curvy – but that really isn’t the Calvin Klein look, is it!  And I am so relieved she did not flat-iron her hair!]

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ singing was incredibly embarrassing (keep talking, because no one is going to applaud your singing, lady), but I think I like the gown.  I am just going to pretend Ginger Rogers is wearing it and love it.

I love seeing sleeves, instead of the never-ending sea of strapless.  Kate Hudson’s 1940s inspired dress is lovely, but something is off.  I think that the neck ornamentation should have extended through the shoulder, or the gold on the belt should have been narrower for a better proportion.  Perhaps a bold color would have looked better?

Am I the only person who would love to see Adele in something other than a black, high-necked, sleeved dress?  She does know what works for her, though!

This is the ode to the 1960s I want to see!  Julianne Moore's Tom Ford was perfect for her.  I just love the back drape.

I just adore this Carolina Herrera oversized floral fabric worn by Lucy Liu - where can I get some?!  It was unexpected, and I am sure that some critics will think it looks like upholstery, but I appreciate the risk!  I would, however, really like to see that dress on someone who is four or five inches taller!  [Do you think this was made for her, or do they re-hem the dress, after which it is dragged about for an evening and can never be taken out again?]

My favorite Zac Posen of the evening could have used an actress with some hips inside it, in my opinion, but I really do like the dress, skinny Naomi aside.  This angle is how I will choose to remember this dress.

And what the heck happened to the color emerald?  So much for the color of the year.  I want more deep beautiful green, please!

Helena Bonham Carter always looks like she just got out of bed and threw on something from Miss Havisham’s closet, but I love her just the same (and the Lulu Guinness clutch).  Her shoes match this time around, so that is something!

Who were your favorites?


  1. It took me forevs to figure out what's going on with Jessica Chastain's saggy busy area just now. Srsly an unflattering picture on my tiny iPhone screen. It looks like her bust hangs down to her waist on my phone. I love lucy's floral dress AND fishtail braid!

  2. Hehehe. I think you hit the nail on the head with your description of Helena Bonham Carter. She IS very Miss Havisham-y. But I love her anyway. Adele looked very elegant, but I have to say my favorite was Jennifer Garner's dress.

  3. I agree with all except for Jessica Chastain - I thought the bust area looked saggy instead of drapey and the skirt should have been a bit more fitted - not a good fit on her. But a beautiful color.

    I just LOVE Helena Bonham Carter for all her quirkiness. She must have dozens of black corsets in her wardrobe.

  4. I also agree about the saggy bust area of Jessica Chastain's dress. i didn't watch on tv but i like seeing the photos of the dresses! i love kate hudson's dress - it's so different! and she can rock that deep split opening in the bodice without it looking trashy. it would've just looked better if she had put her hair up in some kind of bun or chignon because there's so much going on around the neckline.

    now i'm wishing i had an occasion to wear a beautiful floor length gown…

  5. I'm with you completely regarding Adele. Yes, she know what works for her, but it's a shame that she doesn't branch out and sport other colours more often. Sometimes, and I don't mean this in an unkind way at all, her nearly all black wardrobe reminds me of a classic Italian elderly widow (albeit a slightly more modern one with a killer set of pipes).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I want some of that Carolina Herrara fabric too! When Lucy Lui hit the red carpet I knew that she was wearing CH and started screaming! I loved it on her!