Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How Fabulous is Gertie!?!

Butterick 5882

Have you seen the new Butterick patternsGertie has two new and utterly fabulous designs.

For all those of us who were longing for a shelf-bust design – here it is - available in a variety of sizes and no need to spend hundreds of dollars!  And can someone tell me where to find that incredible fabric?  I believe Gertie makes up the samples, so hopefully she will be able to tell us!

Butterick 5895

The second is an adorable little outfit.  I am not the pants or trousers sort, but the top is lovely, and who knows, perhaps one day I will need a pair of vintage styled trousers . . .

Butterick 5880

Alas, there is only one vintage reproduction.  But it has draping and a great neckline!  They must be reading my mind over there at The McCall Pattern Company!

There is something I find very appealing about the Vogue 5879 design.  It may be the fact that it has a slight 1930s vibe.  And I NEED those shoes!

Butterick 5879

Interestingly enough, the new catalog clearly shows the side and back views of the garments on real live models, which is much appreciated.  (I think they must be listening to their customers!)

Have you added any new Buttericks to your to-buy list?


  1. Oh, I love that last Butterick dress with the swishy hem. Mmmm. Swishy hems are my favourite!

  2. Dang, I was supposed to be on a pattern/fabric buying hiatus... Well, I guess not anymore! Wow...those are wonderful and that fabric they used for Butterick 5882... I could find a few things to make out of that!

  3. I was so excited I may have, MAY HAVE, screamed out loud when I saw the Gertie patterns... and then the reproduction pattern - swoon! I bought all three :)

    And I agree - the fabric on the shelf bust dress is simply divine, and I MUST know where it came from :)

  4. My stars, Gertie is jaw-droppingly amazing! I love the dress design and fabric used here in equal measure. Swooning, I tell, swooning big time over this beauty!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Just as I was thinking I mustn't add anything else to the list, you go and show me these!! That first dress is a MUST and I love the tie top although couldn't get away with the trousers. However, the top could be to die for with a pair of Rita shorts from Wearing History!
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. I love Gertie's new patterns. I love the contrast on the dress especially.

  7. Yep! I *knew* you would be having a discussion about Gertie's new designs! I've been waiting for Butterick to put out a repro pattern with a 1950s shelf bust for quite some time, so this was really thrilling to see.

    Happy sewing!


  8. How absolutely wonderful! All the designs are so positively perky! I didn't know that was called a shelfbust design! LOL

  9. I think the dress material came from a place called B&J ( Gertie said it was embroidered shantung. The red is taffeta. And I think I read that the midriff tie shirt was Liberty of London, jeans a soft stretch denim. I hope that isn't too much info.

  10. Well, I thought I would come give an update - I had the dress pattern shipped Express mail to my house, and I whipped out the dress on the same day it arrived! I was very happy to get the first pattern review online. It is a true couture sort of dress construction, and as usual Gertie has done a fabulous job with the instructions. You can see my dress here: