Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Have a Notion . . .

My Hug Snug collection is restocked!  It really is ridiculous how fast I go through this stuff.

I have heard about WAWAK from different sources over the years, but never took a good look at the website.  I decided it was time on Monday evening after another Anonymous comment mentioned the company.  And as luck would have it, my beloved Hug Snug was on sale, and such a great deal that I could not resist!  Unfortunately, the sale seems to be over, but the regular price is still the lowest I have come across.

Although the website is a bit clunky, I believe there are quite a few great deals to be found. 

Like zippers!  And they stock extra long lengths, which is always good!  As someone with a long torso, those 22” zippers really do not cut it.

I know that shipping entirely depends on where you live, but I ordered on Monday evening and a box was left at my doorstep on Wednesday!  I cannot remember an online order of any kind making its way to me in so little time.

Have you heard of WAWAK?  Do you have any online sewing supply secrets?


  1. I've been yearning for some more Hug Snug for ages, too - I love using it in my paper crafting projects.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'm so glad you tried out WAWAK! I always get their deliveries within two days and really can't complain too much about the flat shipping rate, because they're just so efficient (and I have yet to see an error in over a dozen orders). :-)

  3. Laura, Do you wash your hug snug before using? I always wash and press my fabric and have not used hug snug before. I just purchased some and was wondering if I should wash it first.


    1. Staci – I, too, always prewash my fabrics, but I have never prewashed my Hug Snug and have never had an issue (I usually handwash my handmade garments, but I cannot imagine a machine wash would make that much of a difference). My suggestion is to use it straight off of the spool!

  4. Thank you for sharing the website information. I have placed an order after reading it. I cannot wait to use it following your tutorial. I love the finish of your garments.

  5. Laura - I've used WAWAK for thread both sewing machine and serger. I get the best deals from them especially when they run a special, Serger thread for $1.54 a spool and Gutterman thread for $1.44. And their shipping times are fantastic...2 days for me too and I live on the East Coast!

  6. I have used Wawak (formerly Atlanta Thread) for years. Always good, prompt service and fabulous prices. The website is not great for browsing; try to get the paper catalog for reference. They have good prices on all types of thread, scissors, irons and other necessities!