Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweater Time

The hot weather disappeared for a brief moment this past week, so my new sweater was able to make her debut.  It is actually a great idea to wear warm clothing to work at this time of year, because the air conditioning makes it feel about 55 degrees in my office.  In fact, the warmer it gets outside, the more frigid it feels indoors.  If I could somehow get directly from my apartment to the office and not have to walk outside, I would wear a thick sweater to protect myself from the evil air vent.

I have plenty of winter weight, dark colored skirts that will look great with this sweater, so it is going to get plenty of wear come Fall.  But I was determined to find something a bit more suitable for the season.

The skirt I came up with is very old Banana Republic.  Although I would never describe my style as “on trend,” it is rather amusing that if you keep an item of clothing long enough, it will come back in fashion.  

Case in point, this high-low skirt looks like it could be hanging on the rack today.  I rediscovered it in the back of my closet along with a couple of other skirts I forgot about.

So perhaps my habit of making separates with no thought of how to complete the outfit is an excellent way to find old favorites, currently out of sight and mind!

Sweater:  Made by me, Cutaway Neckline Sweater
Skirt:  Banana Republic
Earrings:  Shadows
Shoes:  Colin Stuart


  1. It looks great! I love the colour you chose, it really suits you!

  2. Gorgeous! And a fabulous colour too. Well done!

  3. The whole silhouette of this elegant ensemble is so immensely pretty, as is the wonderfully lovely colour palette.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. That sweater is gorgeous! Simple, yet elegant, and the colour is lovely on you.

  5. Your sweater is beautiful, and I love it paired with that skirt!

  6. What a lovely sweater and outfit!

  7. I really like the cut of this skirt!

  8. What a perfect sweater!! I can't wait until I'm good enough at knitting to make a sweater like that. ...guess I should start practicing lol