Friday, May 24, 2013

Do I really need any new patterns?!

Retro Butterick 5920

The new Butterick patterns are out!  I love the neckline on the one lonely little vintage reproduction in this bunch, and funny enough, I was wearing one of my favorite summer frocks yesterday which is sort of similar if you squint.  The idea of a sheer overlay is rather brilliant!

Retro Butterick 5920

While it is somewhat disappointing that there is only one new retro design, my wallet and my project list thanks the McCall Company.

There are a couple of other patterns that have caught my eye, but I do not believe I will be rushing out to purchase them.

Butterick 5919

This dress looks like it could be absolutely adorable, or it could look very 1980s (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but generally a look I would rather avoid).

Butterick 5919

I am very intrigued by this next design, but cannot tell if the unfortunate fabric choice is making the drape/pleating/whatever is going on with that skirt look odd, or if it is just strange.  What do you think?

Butterick 5918

The sketch looks interesting, so I think this is one of those "open the envelope and look at the pattern instructions before purchasing" designs.  Am I the only person who does this surreptitiously at the pattern cabinets?  I do love those double-v necklines and the color turquoise, so that could explain why I want to like the dress.

Butterick 5916

Peplums are fabulous, in my opinion, but I really do not see anything spectacular about this particular design.

Butterick 5930

And this pattern looks an awful lot like a contemporary version of this vintage reproduction, right down to the detachable dicky.

Butterick 5930

Oh how I wish the 1939 Butterick catalog was available!  Where are all of the tucks and gathers and curved and pointed seamlines?!  Give me something complicated that I can sink my teeth into!

Do you have any new favorites?


  1. I actually thought of you when I saw this pattern! Of course, we were just talking about vintage necklines, but still, I didn't have to squint to see this neckline in the dress you were wearing!

    I tend to do my research before going to the pattern drawers, so I usually know what I want and don't do the surreptitious thing....usually....(I'm not above it lol!)

  2. ooh, thanks for alerting us to the new Buttericks! I don't need any new patterns either, but I always get excited to see the new ones. There's nothing I have to have in this batch though - I like 5921 (the Maggy London work dress), but maybe not enough to buy it.

  3. Most of these appeal to me quite a bit - 5919 being my very favourite for the summery mood I'm in these days.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I reckon you could design your own by now....

  5. When I looked at B5920 I had to have it. They reworked the fabric with the lace overlay and it is brilliant. I love this dress, I managed to scoop it up at a Joann's sale of 5/$5.00. It came home that day. I have been searching for the lace I want to use, and of course it must be royal purple. If I cannot find what I want I will do a royal blue, but I have my heart set on purple.