Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dots and Dashes

I finally have some finished garment photos to share!

My second Knit for Victory sweater has been completed - buttons and all!  And I love it so much I thought it deserved its very own skirt.

There was just enough leftover yardage from my Ceil Chapman project to whip up Vogue 1296.  And after quite a few involved projects I needed something quick and easy that did not require a muslin, or masses of time and energy.  This skirt was just the ticket!

And what happens when you try something without a test run?  Something unexpected.  I was hoping the skirt would turn out to be mid-knee length.  The model on the pattern envelope looks to be extremely tall so I suppose that the skirt is sitting at her hips instead of the waistline in the photos, or maybe she just looks tall - my bad.  The end result works in wool, since I am likely to always wear stockings or tights with the skirt, but if/when I make a summer version it will probably get lengthened by one or two inches.

The project went extremely quickly since I had everything I needed on hand (except for a black invisible zipper – how the heck does that happen!?!).

And I cannot decide if this wool is dotted or dashed.  Since the red contrast is woven through the wool, looking at both the right and wrong sides reminds me of Morse code.  But dots and dashes are just as good as polka dots, right?

Now back to that dress!

Sweater:  Made by me, Sirdar 1741
Skirt:  Made by me, Vogue 1296
Shoes:  Nine West


  1. A really beautiful ensemble. I love the front design of the sweater and the little trail on the skirt.

  2. Wonderfully lovely ensemble! I agree, a sweater that smashing does deserve a new skirt and what a beaut this one is!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is a beautiful outfit! The two pieces go together so well, that sweater definitely deserves a skirt like that!

  4. Wow, both pieces are great! The sweater is such a lovely colour, and the seaming on the skirt is a nice detail. They work really well together :)

  5. That skirt has such a lovely shape! Thanks for sharing the pattern info :)

  6. That length skirt looks perfect on you. You do not need to have it mid knee.

    1. Thank you!

      I did end up happy with the length in this wool fabric when paired with some leg covering. At work I am often seated which pulls the skirt up a bit - and no one needs to see that much pasty skin! So a summer version will need some added length.

  7. The whole outfit is fantastic, i love the mermaid shape of the skirt. I can see it looking more vintage at a longer length but think this length is very sassy!