Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Tale of Two Muslins

Some days I forget to take my own advice.

Case in point:  I have been making the same adjustments for years, but it was late (at least that is the excuse I am going with) when I was cutting into the muslin for my next Britex project.  After cutting two of the skirt pieces, I realized that I should have added my torso length to those pieces – whoops!  Since I already had cut two, I decided/hoped that this was going to be the pattern that did not need a single adjustment, and powered on.  Big mistake.  The muslin did not fit correctly through the hips . . . surprise, surprise.  I started messing with side seams, but I was losing the curves and getting frustrated.

The only thing to do was start again.  Turns out it would have been much more efficient to toss the first two skirt pieces.  Ggrr.

Because my trusted alteration of lengthening the torso once again did the trick.

This also gave me another opportunity to play with the added sleeve pieces.

I like to start out with an existing pattern piece, but as you can see, I ended up with something quite different.

A shortcut I used to take was pinning myself into a muslin.  But really, how much time does it take to baste in a zipper?  Not much, especially since it does not need to be pretty.

And the reward is so worth it!

I suppose it was a good reminder to stick with what works!


  1. wonderful dress, really great work
    xo Fräulein K.

  2. Fabulous dress! I never make sleeveless dresses so until now I never considered making the Georgia dress. Back on the wishlist after seeing your beautiful version!

  3. The dress looks beautiful! When I started sewing again, I discovered that I needed to make a short torso adjustment, and then realized that that was why retail dresses and jackets never fit me! I'm so happy I can make my own now.

  4. Very, very Joan-of-Madmen! The sculpted cut, the "attention must be paid" color, and those delicate, but not-to-be dismissed sleeves.

    One relishes the upcoming photo shoot, and hopes it's staged in a mid-century modern environment.

    Laura Mae, you keep sewing like this, and another unsolicited rant is certain to focus upon you.

  5. What a beautiful dress. Well worth the two muslins (which I have been known to do as well). I am anxious to see how you will accessorize this dress...

  6. I love your dress, do you always make a muslin before sewing with your fashion fabric?

    1. Not always! In fact, I am currently working on a skirt that I did not feel needed a muslin. Lately I have been making quite a few, however, due to expensive/irreplaceable fabric. And for very involved projects, I like to make sure I am on the right track!

      I never used to, but am finding that I have a lot more success when I take the extra time and effort - especially with fitted garments.

    2. oh I see, It would make since so as not to ruin very expensive fabric. I often find myself altering my pattern pieces, pining them together and 'putting them on' It looks funny, but it gets the job done. LOL

  7. Wonderful dress!! I so agree about muslins. I may dislike the process but I always appreciate an improved result. Bravo for your lovely result.

  8. This is so great! Love the colour and the sleeves. I like the shaping of the Georgia pattern but I felt the straps weren't for me so very nice to see your variation. Such a gorgeous dress :)