Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I am back home, and needless to say, New York was incredible!

There was Charles James . . .

And Audra McDonald . . .

And vintage . . .

And, most importantly, Male Pattern Boldness Day, including a couple of days spent at Chez Lappin.

After a delayed flight (super jealous of the individuals who can sleep sitting up), and a full day at work (still far from caught up) I am exhausted.  But there will be more details to come, I promise!! 


  1. I enjoyed following your trip on Instagram. Glad you got to see the Charles James! And meeting Audra McDonald must have been kismet.

  2. Ohhh that´s too short a post!! :-)

  3. So glad you made it back in one piece. Love that Audra selfie. Kisses from the chi's!

  4. I continue my vicarious living through Laura Mae. Super happy handclapping for Audra McDonald! ooooooooo! You can sleep later!

  5. Oh wow - how cool that you met Audra McDonald!

  6. How wonderfully exciting! I love the floral print dress you're wearing in the last snap.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)