Monday, August 25, 2014

New York: Day Four

The Bay Area had a rather large earthquake early this morning.  Living on the fifth floor of my building made for a rather exciting wake up call (another reason those super tall buildings in New York really scare me), but other than one downed picture frame, and a few crooked ones on the wall nothing terrible happened, knock on wood.  So much for Tino’s sixth doggie sense.  He made not a peep, before, during, or after.  I suppose I should be thankful that he does not spook easily, but geez, so much for the canine warning system!

At some point last week, he did get the message that I had been flirting with a cuddly Chihuahua in the recent past, because he has been quite the lap dog for the last few days.

This was my view for most of the time spent in Peter's apartment.  Willy and I bonded immediately, and he was my constant companion while knitting, and for most of my conversation with Peter and Michael (they were very gracious about the fact that I was hogging their dog). 

With the excitement of Male Pattern Boldness Day past, my final two days in New York were not very regimented.

Michael, Peter, and I went out for brunch on Sunday morning, followed by a leisurely walk south on The High Line.

There was some window shopping at DVF and another swanky store where I spent most of my time looking at the insides of the garments and trying to guess prices.  I have to say that the employees were incredibly welcoming, even thought it was probably rather obvious that I was not going to be purchasing anything.  So much for snobby New York retailers!

At which point it was back up to The High Line for the journey north.  And look at all of those cabs!  I am confident you would never come across a cab in Marin County should you ever need one.  And they certainly do not account for what looks to be 70% of the cars on the road.  Friday evening I encountered a cabbie and another driver get into an altercation on my walk home from the theatre.  I couldn't believe my eyes when two women got into the cab while the driver was still screaming at the other driver.  I would have avoided that lunatic and his vehicle if my feet were bloody and I had miles to travel.

Once the sun went down, I walked over to 5th Avenue, and south to Washington Square for the literary portion of my adventures.

Once I found a comfy seat, I spent some time people watching.  

There were at least four separate groups of musicians playing in different areas of the park - everything from classical to reggae.  It was wonderful to slow down and enjoy the beautiful evening.

My walk home was a bit out of the way.  I traveled West to the water.  On my journey I met Monster the gorgeous French Bulldog.  Hooray for more puppy cuteness!

But by the time I was almost back to the apartment, I was tired, and my feet were not too happy with me.  Exhaustion is one way to guarantee a good night's sleep!

However, I had one more day to explore Manhattan, and nothing was going to slow me down . . .


  1. I'm glad that you and Tino are safe.

  2. (Also glad you, and your little dog too, are safe. Now, back to fomenting envious feelings and a jealousy without end.)

  3. I'm really enjoying your NY posts! And I'm on your side, I'd never get in a cab with someone that angry. Scary!

  4. I was just in NYC in May and wish I could go back NOW! Thanks for the blog photos.

  5. Glad you and your little doggie are safe.