Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Piece

No bikinis here . . . just my new outfit.  This one is going to get a lot of wear, thanks in part, of course, to the fact that it is two pieces!

I am so glad I had enough fabric to make the combo.  I would have been happy with just the skirt, but now there are so many more possibilities.

Perhaps this means 2015 will be the year of separates.  I have plans for lots of skirts and blouses . . . we shall see how that goes!  The lure of so many pretty dress patterns may stop me in my tracks.  

The bodice lining wants to peak out at the back neck opening, so I am going to add a line of pick-stitches to keep everything in place.  A neckline obviously needs under-stitching, but I completely forgot about the center back slit.

The other change I might make, if I get around to it, is to weight the hem of the top.  The wool is rather lightweight, even with the addition of a silk organza underlining.  It has a habit of “catching” on the wool of the skirt waistband.

My main concern with the skirt was that a lack of a center back vent might make it difficult to wear.  The good news is that a godet works nicely in place of a back slit or vent.  If I try to take a really large step I start to feel a bit of restriction, but not enough to make the skirt uncomfortable.  I foresee more of this alteration in my skirt-making future!

Top:  Made by me, Vogue 4203 (altered)
Skirt:  Made by me, McCall 2698
Shoes:  Miss L Fire, “Rosita
Earrings & Brooch:  Gift from mom


  1. Ooh weighting the top - could you post a tutorial the way that you would do that? Or link to a tutorial you'd use? I've always thought about weighting some of my more floaty skirts but not sure how etc

    1. It goes without saying that your new outfit is gorgeous! Sorry, I realised my comment seemed very much ooh tell me all your secrets without much thank you for sharing :-)

  2. I've been waiting to see this outfit on you. The wait was worth it because it's beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  3. Beautiful. Love the fit, especially on the skirt, and the godet looks great i prefer it to a vent.

  4. You are look most elegant in this garment! I like it:-)

  5. The fit of the top looks very flattering, but is it difficult to put on?

  6. The fit looks superb; good job!

  7. Beautiful job, such a classic pattern. And in the color of the year, merlot!

  8. I love this dress/outfit combo. It's such a great idea to separate the 'dress' and to make them separates. And shoes *swoon*.

  9. Ever the "skirt flirt", you are, Laura Mae.

    The only things you come up short on are shame and mercy.

    THAT fan (the one who grinds his teeth when he's reading your blog, and after four dentists, it doesn't look like he can find one who understands)

  10. Gorgeous. Thanks for the tip about using a godet instead of back vent! Looks so classy.

  11. If you ever do a tutorial on how you did the godet I'd be interested. The last one I did was a major disaster!
    The separates are great, and practical, not to mention clever!

  12. Classic, deeply lovely two piece set. That warm, rich russet-red is simply gorgeous and while very evocative of fall, instantly looks right at home in spring to me, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  13. How lovely! You look so good in red! That is such a beautiful two-piece outfit. I have never made something like this before, but it inspires me to do so! :)
    I adore your shoes, by the way!