Monday, July 6, 2015

Mock-ups & Muslins

Time for a new project!!  I knew (or expected) that I was going to need to take this pattern in a bit, so a muslin was my first step.

The natural waistline is marked on the pattern tissue and is miraculously in the correct place (the seamline that bisects the jacket sits high on the torso).  So while the shoulders, sleeves, and overall width of the jacket is too large, the torso length fits me perfectly!  Go figure . . .

I think I am most excited about the collar on this suit - I have never seen anything like it.  It may end up looking silly, but at the moment, I think it's fabulous.

What surprised me was how much I needed to take in the skirt.

One thing I will say about making skirt muslins . . . take the extra time to baste a zipper in – it is so much easier than fighting with pins and wondering what the garment will really look like when the opening is properly closed.

I purchased a large bag of zippers years ago which included some heavy duty ones that I will never have a use for in any finished garment I ever plan to make, but they are super easy to use on a muslin.

And so my sewing adventures continue . . .


  1. Luv your zip tip.

    When you do the final photo shoot, would you consider eyeing the camera in a compact while we see the back collar (rear 3/4 view)?

    This suit looks sophisticated, yet playful. One who believes you will capture the vibe for your tribe (and if it turns out to be a regular photo shoot, well, you're used to my grousing).

  2. I love seeing your process. It's truly inspirational.

  3. This is looking fabulous. I am lazy with muslins, I know you are right but if I do make one I never put in both sleeves and the zip. I think it's because I've made many which fit and then you use the proper fabric and it's completely different.