Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Butterick Patterns

I have actually made a version of Butterick 6266 - mine just happens to be a New Style mail order pattern.   This must have been an extremely  popular design, because I have seen multiple versions from different pattern companies.  Beccie has made a Simplicity version of the design, and clearly Butterick had their own.  There may be slight variations in sleeve and peplum, but the similarities are pretty uncanny!
To confuse things, this pattern has been tagged as a Making History design.  Now I am seriously perplexed.  I thought that category was reserved for historical silhouettes (i.e. 1800-1910).  Does that mean Butterick is working with original source material?  What is going on?!
There are also two new Retro designs.  Butterick 6242  is one of those.

Butterick 6242

And while the vintage illustrations are adorable (no big surprise there), the actual dress is BORING.  The dolman sleeve is slightly different than other Butterick reproductions, but not enough to make this dress anything special.

Butterick 6242

The latest Vintage Vogue release had me very excited to see what was next for other reproduction designs, but this is disappointing.
But all is not lost!  This suit pattern from 1960  is lovely.

Butterick 6259

It is not the most complex design I have ever seen, but I do like the double breasted style lines.

Butterick 6259

This one has definite possibilities.  But yikes, the styling is terrible (and I think the poor model knows it).  
I can take or leave the rest of the release, and that is fine with me.  I just started a new knitting project and am happily working away while watching old episodes of Downton Abbey this evening, so a little disappointment over the latest pattern release is not going to get me down!  

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  1. Yes,, not very exciting at all. Whilst I like batwing sleeves they only look right to me when you are standing with your hands on your hips, otherwise the fabric pools. The striped suit is my favourite bit I wonder of the fit would be good looking at the styled red version! Thanks for the review.