Saturday, August 1, 2015

WAWAK Sewing

You may have noticed something new over on the sidebar of this blog as I was contacted by WAWAK Sewing about offering a promotion for my readers.  I know I love a great deal on sewing supplies, and I think you will, too!

I first became aware of WAWAK a few years ago after numerous comments and emails from fellow sewing enthusiasts - eventually I moseyed on over to their site.

From hook & eyes, thread, hair canvas, to dress forms, irons, and, of course, my favorite sewing notion, Hug Snug Seam Binding, WAWAK basically carries just about anything you could ever need for your sewing adventures.  And the prices are amazing!  I now have a drawer full of 24” zippers that I do not mind cutting down since they are ridiculously inexpensive.  Forget the 40% off coupons at the big chain stores – these prices are so much better.

I would highly recommend signing up for their monthly catalog because the website can be rather overwhelming unless you know exactly what you are looking for.  That being said, I am willing to page through a website or catalog if it means I can get fabulous deals.  And, to be honest, I am such a sewing nerd I actually like looking through pages of sewing notions and finding some new toy I suddenly cannot live without.

I have never encountered such fast service from any company, large or small.  Orders are usually delivered the day after an order is placed in my neck of the woods.

The best part is, for the month of August, you can get 10% off of an order of $40 or more with the code WLM815.

And for all of my fellow rayon seam binding fans outside of the United States, WAWAK ships internationally – just contact them for a shipping quote.

May your sewing room be filled with lots and lots of sewing goodies!

[Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, but the opinions expressed herein are my own.]


  1. Overheard sidebar, #1:

    "You didn't."

    "I did, just as you've done."

    "If she got us to do this, the government should use WAWAK's mailing list for the census, jury duty, and finding delinquent tax payers."

    "THAT Laura Mae!"

    "Yes, THAT one."

  2. The first one I chose to make was the Ensis Tee. I wanted to use my gorgeous organic jersey that Lillestoff had recently sent me. click here

  3. This site is amazing and you're right, you can't beat those prices and I wanted to purchase some invisible zippers so I'll give them a try.