Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Runway Inspiration

New York Fashion Week is upon us.  And while I get a bit disgusted with the fact that more attention is often paid to the people sitting in the front row than the actual clothing these days, runway collections are definitely a great starting point to find sewing inspiration.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite haute couture designs in honor of Sewing Indie Month and the Dressed to the Nines sew-a-long contest.

For pure fashion fantasy, it just doesn't get much better than this!

The garments may not be very practical, but they are certainly gorgeous.  And the details are just to die for!

In my opinion, everyone needs a velvet robe with train to swan about in the hydrangea garden.

If you do not have your own estate filled with floral delights, you can always wear them on your dress.

Molding a flower out of fabric is another option.

If florals are not your style, how about a two piece ensemble complete with pockets.  (Oh how i would love to study the interior of that top!)

If I ever get my hands on twenty or more yards of gorgeous fabric, this is what I plan on doing with it!

Because every girl needs a ball gown (and the opportunity to wear one)!

[Click on image for source]


  1. Oh my goodness that second dress is gorgeous! I really wanted to use an indie pattern for my next fancy gown, but unfortunately I couldn't find any that would work from this year's designers. Next year, I guess.

  2. [sound of a slowly turning hamster wheel] Velvet tips, numerous images of ball gowns...HEY! You're up to somethin'!!

  3. I really like those very sleek yet clearly 1920's (Poiret) inspired capes, robes and dresses! And of course, when I clicked on the pictures, I found out they are all Dior (Galliano for Dior, that is). Of course ;)
    I love everything on your Dior Pinterest board (following now) but did you know there are pattern making instructions for those skirts with the interesting cowl drape here: ?

  4. if only I had somewhere to wear such beautiful works of art…sigh.