Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top it Off

There is something about a hat that takes an outfit up a notch.  Whether it be a small fascinator, a huge floppy brimmed hat, or anything in between, topping off your look is an excellent way to finish an ensemble.

I love a flower tucked into upswept hair.  

When I cannot find exactly what I am looking for in the floral department, I make my own!

Snoods are often thought of as a utilitarian accessory, but they can certainly be a chic option when made from the right materials.  

Fascinators are an easy way to add some oomph to a hairstyle.  A bit of silk . . .

or some beads can add something special to an outfit.

And feathers are always fun.

I wish more people would wear hats.  I should take my own advice and wear mine more often!

Let’s start a trend, and top off our outfits with something special!  After all, spending a day Dressed to the Nines can be a whole lot of fun.


  1. I especially love your navy velvet hat - beautiful! Do you do any modeling? if not, you should.

  2. Your hats/hairpieces are beautiful and look so pretty on you.

  3. I have a very small collection of beautiful feather, velvet & wool hats from Ruggy's grandma. Sadly they lose the fight and pop right off of my mass of hair! Love all your toppers.

  4. Everything you make is impressive, but your hats and head gear are what set your outfits apart.

    Whether you're in a snood mood, sporting flower power, or sporting a skosh of a cloche, you always knock it out of the park.

  5. Wow! You look so gorgeous in every one of these hats!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!! :)

  6. Your hats look beautiful and completely of a piece with the outfits.

  7. Laura Mae, your creativity and skill consistently blow me away!

  8. You're adorable. And you are right; why DON'T we all wear more hats?

  9. What a wonderful array of hats! You have made such gorgeous ones.