Friday, January 22, 2016

My Kind of Separates

Last year, I found an amazing black and white floral brocade online at Elliott Berman.  I love textured fabrics, and this one was too hard to resist.

The listing has disappeared, but I believe it is a cotton/poly blend.  Which reminds me . . . I should really write these things down while the information is still available!  

But yes, I loved the print so much I was willing to brave the evil that is polyester!

As it often goes, my initial plans for the fabric changed once I got it in my hands.  When Butterick 6285 was released, I knew immediately that I wanted to make up the skirt and this fabric seemed like it would be a great fit.  It is probably on the heavy side for those double pleats, but with a bit of trimming, it all worked out for the best!  (By the way, the seam allowances on this thing are HUGE - I have never come across another Big-4 pattern like it.)  

The only alteration I made was to swap a shaped waistband for the straight narrow one drafted for the pattern.

Then came the issue of what to wear with the skirt.  I have wanted to make another version of McCalls 7053 for some time, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

My original plan was to dye some rayon twill turquoise and have at it, but in the end, I decided to go with fuchsia.  And I am so glad I did - this blouse has already had quite a bit of wear.

And I may have made myself a matching jacket for my fabulous new skirt!  Hooray for separates!

Blouse:  Made by me, McCalls 7053
Skirt:  Made by me, Butterick 6285


  1. That is lovely. I love the boldness of it. When I buy fabric on-line I always print a screen shot of the listing with all the sewing, care, and fiber information as well as the photo of the fabric. I keep it in a notebook. That way even if I use it years later (sigh) I still know how it needs to be treated. I did learn to do the screen shot before I click to purchase it - once I went to go back and print it and found I had gotten the last yardage and the listing disappeared from the site. So now it is print - then buy.

  2. Very nice skirt & jacket! Love your shoes, too.

  3. WAY too pleased with yourself in that twirling shot, Laura Mae!

    I can see it on you face - the untold delight in egging on! The carefully crafted 1,000 words, and yet, exchanging no words at all (how Laura Mae is THAT?).

    There have been rumblings, but nothing discernible overheard yet (just you wait, missy!).

    Not to change the topic, but you didn't credit the shoes (if I'm wondering, you know there are others with question marks circling their craniums as well).

  4. LOVE the colour combo! Love the skirt! Love the blouse! Love the photos! love! love! love! Another classic ensemble!

  5. Beautiful skirts and love love the color of the blouse. The shoes! Oh i really need a pair of those shoes.

  6. This is such a lovely combination! I love how you bring a bright-colored blouse and a detailed pattern together to create an elegant yet fun ensemble.

    Would you mind sharing what changes you made to the waistband that takes it from straight to shaped? Is there perhaps a source you find helpful for learning how to do this? I always have trouble with getting skirt waistbands to fit me properly and to sit where they are supposed to, so I’m beginning to think this may be my problem. The only thing my internet searches have turned up is the difference between straight and contoured waistbands for pants, in which case they’re recommending the contoured waistband for pants or skirts that sit slightly below the natural waist, which is definitely not what I’m looking for.

    Thank you so much!