Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015, Year in Review

Butterick 6129 / Butterick 5209
Sew Over It "Tea Dress" / Simplicity 1997

And so ends 2015.

Butterick 6217 & Butterick 4792 / Vogue 4203 & McCall 2698
McCall 7053 & McCall 2698 / Butterick 4792

Looking back at my sewing output for the year, I am pleased with what I accomplished.

Simplicity 4070 / McCall 7185
Wearing History "Smooth Sailing Trousers" / Simplicity 1997

I have felt rather unproductive as of late, but this collection of garments is rather substantial.

Butterick 5209 / Vogue 7630
Burda 109B / Simplicity 8013

It is also clear that I like to play dress up.  As in, my style is all over the place.

Vogue 8276 / Butterick 6022
Alabama Chanin Skirt / Butterick 6217 & Sewaholic "Hollyburn"

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking that I should try to pin down my look.  Then again, limiting myself doesn't seem like very much fun.  And whatever would that look be?  For the time being, I guess I will stick with whatever suits my fancy in the moment.

Alabama Chanin "Corset" / Burda "Shawl Collar Coat" & Alabama Chanin Skirt
Alabama Chanin "Corset" & Alabama Chanin Skirt / Butterick 6129

Happy sewing, everyone!


  1. What a beautiful wardrobe you have! Those albama chanin pieces are just to die for.

  2. Everything screams, "I'm from a boutique or trunk sale". Congratulations on creating another enviable "collection" - your determination and efforts are inspirational.

    Hope to see you revisit The New Look, make a swingin' trapeze dress, and revisit pants (palazzo please). Never mind mixing silk illusion with velvet in some "corner booth at the supper club" room stopping look.

    Anticipating your 2016 journey.

    Oh, and do you now have rolling racks in your bedroom and sleep in the closet? (That's the scuttle among the wagging tongue set.)

  3. Wow you are one productive lady ! Lovely wardrobe

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  5. I'm extremely impressed with your collection for 2015. It's not only lots of beautiful dresses, I also know what huge knowledge and skill that is behind every one of them. Here's to happy sewing in 2016!

  6. To me, your style is always elegant and feminine. I love your makes - they are all so beautiful!

    Really looking forward to this years' gala gown!

  7. So many gorgeous garments for 2015! I really want to make B5209 this year. Happy new year ;o)

  8. Wow, beautiful. Really impressive. My absolute favourite is the butterick 6022 dress, just gorgeous. Xx

  9. Although you draw inspiration from different decades, in my opinion, you do have a defined style. I would call it classic, feminine, elegant, and vintage inspired. I enjoy your posts very much, and am so happy you will be sharing more beautiful handmade clothing and lovely pics this year!

  10. What a lovely 2015 sewing collection for you! Your dresses all look fantastic it is like I am looking inside a vintage dress shop. I can’t imagine how much more pretty dresses you’ll make for 2016 will have to wait straight from the source!