Monday, February 15, 2016

Black & White

With the leftover fabric from this skirt I decided to make a matching top.  The idea of a suit set was very appealing - the only issue was which jacket pattern to use.

I fell in love with the jacket included with Vogue 9082 as soon as I saw it.  I guess someone else did, too, because my local JoAnn Fabrics was sold out of the design days after the new catalog was released, and it was not restocked after months of impatient waiting.

Eventually, I broke down and ordered the pattern directly from McCalls.

I decided to go for it and cut right into the pattern without making any alterations.  The jacket was going to be short, but the wide skirt waistband would keep it from being too revealing.

A couple of bound buttonholes . . .

and a bit of hand stitching . . .

and now I have a matching set!


  1. lovely jacket (i am after doing a search of the pattern too!) beautifully executed

  2. Lovely! Hope you'll be modeling it (and the plaid coat) soon!

  3. Totally in awe with this suit! Bravo!

  4. THAT fabric!

    THAT suit!

    THAT Laura Mae!

  5. EEEEEK! Yeegads, it's gorgeous! Now I have jacket envy. Thanks for the lovely inspiration---bound buttonholes and all!

  6. Love this ensemble. The black and white fabric is pretty and the jacket is lovely.

  7. Beautiful set. I'm impressed at your waiting as long as you did. I'm a bit trigger happy when I've found the perfect pattern.

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