Monday, February 22, 2016

Springtime Blossoms

Spring has definitely arrived around these parts.  I am slightly obsessed with this magnolia tree that lives about a half a block away from me - she looks especially beautiful this time of year.

And just as all the trees begin to bloom, I become obsessed with all things floral.

I came across this dress today as I was wandering around online, which reminded me of this glorious detail.

A photo posted by Marchesa (@marchesafashion) on

Stunning, exquisite, amazing, and oh so beautiful!  Quick, get me some beads . . . I must learn how to do this!!  Is it tambour beading, do we think?  There is another closeup of the embellishment here, and it looks like the edges of the petals are perhaps wired.    

All I know is, I love all the flowers and all the beads!  


  1. That dress is incredible! It could be copied with an inset of beaded lace too.

  2. I think that there would be more thread showing between the beads if it was tambour work. If I personally were trying something like this I would have a go with stumpwork. Those petals look like they would work well with the techniques used to make beetle wings in Jane Nicholas' book The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection (which I own, but have not managed to complete very many projects from). The basic approach is to couch wire onto a fabric base with buttonhole stitch and then fill in with beading before trimming away the excess fabric. The fabric has to be supported in a hoop, of course, so you want to make your detached elements in groups. Very labor intensive. Perhaps they have some more mechanized alternative in use here.

  3. THAT tree!!!

    If beauty doesn't surround you, it's just up the street.

    Will the flowers and frock motivate you to bead for many months, a show stopping top or gown, for cold weather festivities? I could see you doing all silver and gray seed beads, for a timeless top to show stop (don't roll your eyes, we both know you'll never retire from attention abduction, particularly when it involves a room full of fashion commandos and cheeky celebrants who collectively realize it isn't they who will be remembered and discussed).

  4. I think we all love when flowers blossom! not for me yet, I live in the northeast, but the flowers are definitively a great inspiration and those flower details are gorgeous!

  5. Those blossoms are so beautiful. I can see why they are so inspiring. The photos make me yearn for springtime. I too live in the northeast so we still have a couple months at least before flowers bloom here.

  6. Love the tree and the dress, that is tambour, I do enjoy doing that and wish I had more time to tambour.

  7. I think it's so lovely to wear blossoms on your person, the detail on that dress is astonishing!