Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Red Carpet Season

It’s award show season, which means lots of red carpet fashion inspiration.  I am enjoying the distraction, even if it means I am not getting that much sewing done these days.  

The offerings from the SAG Awards this weekend were incredibly varied with lots of color, sparkle, lace, sleeves, and hem variations.  My favorite of the night is Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab.  Now this is a proper red carpet gown!  I hate that hair color on her with a nude lip, but she really makes the dress look incredible.  And I really, really, really want to see this lace confection up close!  Who can set that up for me?

Marisa Tomei looks amazing in a Zuhair Murad gown.  I love the color, the sleeves, the neckline . . . this is superb!  I would like one just like it in my closet, please!  Then again, the lady can make a backless skintight floral jumpsuit and ankle boots work, so the ability to shine in a beautiful dress is not all that surprising.  (And now I have an urge to go watch My Cousin Vinny . . .)

I do wish Kate Winslet would try something a bit different.  She is stunning in this Armani gown, but the silhouette looks a lot like so many of her other red carpet choices. 

From the waist up, I believe Viola Davis has never looked more beautiful.  She should wear this color all the time because it makes her skin look AMAZING.  Love the hair, and love the makeup.  But, once again, Zac Posen’s all time favorite duchess satin textile choice has created a mess all over the red carpet.  I almost did not notice those silly bracelets because I am so distracted by the wrinkles and puckers and that disgraceful hemline.  I believe the other Project Runway judges would rip a designer apart for this fabric choice, and yet he continues to use it after seeing women wear his designs in real life.  The drafting is exquisite, but the fabric ruins this for me.  Now, in a underlined silk faille . . . that is something I would love to see.  

Although I cannot stand this child actor from Mad Men, I love the fabric on this Erdem dress.  The contrasting boning channels are distracting and I wish that trend would disappear, but even so, I have to admit that she looks very cute and certainly age appropriate.

The sleeve trend on women's formal wear seems to be continuing, which I love.  This is not my favorite Naomi Watts fashion choice, but the color is lovely on her.  I think the neckline is what does not work here for me.  Perhaps a scalloped lace edge or a slightly wider boat neck would make me like the Burberry design a bit more.  And I wonder what the back looks like - is there a plunge or cutout back there?  Because that could be interesting . . .

I am not always a fan of Gucci, but the trompe l’oeil sparkler on Nicole Kidman is stunning.  I don’t like the chunky black bracelet, but I get what she (or the stylist) was going for with the black detail on the gown . . . I just wish that piece of jewelry was a bit more delicate.  This reminds me of a 1930s circus costume, and I love it!  This piece is also one that I would love to see up close.

I want to like this Christian Siriano dress on Christina Hendricks, but the execution just does not work.  It looks like a cheap Barbie costume made from polyester brocade in the photos.  This is another gown I would love to see the back view; is that a cape and train in one?  I am also afraid that Christina’s hair is going the way of Nicole Kidman a few years back – please don’t keep going lighter . . . the deeper red shades look so much better.  Maybe it was the lighting, but so many of these lighter color dyed shades look really brassy (or is that some new fad in hair color?).

Speaking of Barbie . . . Priyanka Chopra's gown is another unfortunate mess.  I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and pink looks wonderful on her – but this dress belongs in the clearance prom section at Macy’s.  Perhaps it looks better in person?  But shame on Monique Lhuillier for this one, and shame on this woman's stylist.  She deserves so much better.

Julia Louis Dreyfus also chose Monique Lhuillier.  I think the dress might have worked better on someone else.  Unfortunately, it does nothing for her incredible body.  I also take issue with the horsehair hem – maybe if the embellishment came down another inch or so and disguised that line it would look more polished.  Or perhaps if they had hemmed the gown into more of a tea length for the petite actress, this might have worked better.  I do love the necklace choice, though.

This Antonio Berardi dress on Julianna Margulies suits the actress quite well, I think.  I am not completely sold on the placement of the embellishment, but she looks very chic and high fashion.

And while this Jenny Packham sparkler is not my favorite, Helen Mirren looks beautiful, as always.  I love the hair style!  It looks like the gown length has caused some issues, though, and there are some pulled threads on the red carpet.  Quick, someone stitch that thing back together before the whole thing unravels!

Do you have any favorites?

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  1. How does Helen do it? Great post.

  2. Oh, I love red carpet season! I had to stare at Nicole Kidman's dress for a minute to decide. Yep, I like it! Now I want to find fabric like that for me! (Minus sparkles).

  3. Fun post. I agree with all of your callouts. Yes, how does Helen keep such a beautiful figure - inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Marisa and Helen look great - but your favorite choice - eek that gown on Rachel, I think it does nothing for her at all - the color is so drab. black lace, I am over it and the color of the lining is terrible on her. But fashion - something for everyone :)

  5. Helen Mirren is totally rocking out that Venus de Milo look, and to my eye is by far the sexiest lady in the bunch. Covered and modest, yet so revealing in the most tantalizing way. Beautiful fit, gorgeous gown, perfect match. And it looks comfortable. Rachel is my second favorite - a gorgeous gown that she is wearing, not the other way around.

  6. Christina Hendricks was deemed a fail by other commentators, and I totally agree. Her figure is hard to fit because it's so irregular, and it shows in this dress!

  7. Helen is also the only woman who looks truly at ease. Gorgeous.

  8. Obviously you are not a redhead! Or still too young to deal with grey hair. Redheads usually need to go blonder as they get older because the silver at the part totally pops with the red and maintenance is a bitch!

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