Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sage Velvet

And here is my finished dress! 

Now that this one is out of the work-in-progress pile, I can get started on more seasonal sewing.

Somehow the Winter sewing projects always take longer . . . maybe because the light disappears so early in the day.

Speaking of which, who else is incredibly excited about the time change?  

My creative motivation has finally returned, and I am quite sure it has a whole lot to do with the fact that it is no longer dark when I get home from work.

The weather cooperated with me on the day these pictures were taken and was brisk enough to wear a velvet frock, and even pull out a coat that does not see much wear.

Velvet garments with sleeves have a habit of getting twisted around inside outwear, in my experience.  This coat does not get a whole lot of use, but with oversized sleeves, it was a good choice.

And now I am definitely putting the velvet away for a few months.  Spring has arrived, and I am definitely in the mood for something different!

I could use another lightweight coat . . . but then there is so much printed cotton that is screaming to be made into dresses . . . so many choices, and so many projects to choose from!

Dress & Belt:  Made by me, Sew Over It “Tea Dress
Coat:  Made by me, McCalls 5480
Shoes:  ReMix ShoesBabydoll
Earrings:  Shadows  


  1. both beautifully made, they look fabulous on you. v inspired to try the coat myself!

  2. Both the dress and the color are beautiful on you. And, of course, you just happen to have a fabulous coat to toss on over it! You never cease to amaze.

  3. The pattern looks so different in velvet that I didn't recognise it at first. Stunning!

  4. Lovely dress lovely coat, Lovely you.

  5. It is a beautiful dress and you will love having it when fall arrives!

  6. It drapes and swirls beautifully.

    Will there be warm weather frocks cut on the bias?

  7. Beautiful as usual, Laura Mae. Yes, the longer days DO make a difference

  8. Very beautiful! I love the way the gathers look and the color is glorious. Let's hear it for longer days!

  9. Love your dress! And the coat is perfect to go with it.

  10. The dress is gorgeous and it fits you beautifully. I love that soft green color.

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  12. Another fabulous looking project! Love the pattern making.